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Irresistibly Charming

Savvy billionaire mogul Logan Bentley lives an enviable life. Fine women, fancy cars, and luxurious vacations are all in a day’s work for him… until someone with a score to settle emerges with a fabricated story that lands him and his entire family behind bars. Left to languish in a 6×9 cell as he awaits his trial, he’s left with nothing but memories of the life he used to live and visions of what a conviction might mean for him. That is until a beautiful stranger pays him a visit and makes him a proposition that can change everything.

Hannah Hughes understands pain. She’s lived with it since her parents’ deaths. Although she’s tried to heal from her wounds, a part of her still feels empty. Encouraged by Reverend Jensen, the cult leader who gave her shelter when she needed it most, Hannah agrees to help save a man’s soul by marrying him. But Logan is anything but a man down on his luck. He’s cunning, sexy, and smarter than anyone she’s ever known. His seductive ways tempt her to be part of a world she’s long avoided.

Convinced that Logan’s claims of innocence are true, Hannah is willing to do anything to save him, but will a marriage under false pretenses help or hurt them?

Irresistibly Tough

Billionaire doctor Oliver Bentley has never wanted for anything in his life until federal agents storm into his medical practice to arrest him and his wealthy family on embezzling charges. With everything to lose, his main concern is the lack of proper medical care for his mother. If he can’t prove their innocence, his mother may not survive their ordeal.

Rachel Mira’s young life was anything but typical. Born and raised in a run-down trailer, she learned the hard way that people – especially wealthy people – weren’t to be trusted. She spends her days trying to devise ways to get out of her situation. When her sister Emily joins a religious cult that preaches that marriage is the only way to save a man’s soul, Rachel takes it upon herself to step in and fulfill Emily’s duties. But the man she’s chosen to ‘save’ is a man she quickly finds herself enamored with. The only problem is he’s behind bars, accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Will her attempt to stop her sister from making a mistake turn out to be the best decision she ever made?

Irresistibly Played

Roy Bentley Esq. owns and operates an uber successful law practice in Miami’s swankiest neighborhood. Unlike his wealthy counterparts, he didn’t accept a dime from his billionaire father’s money. He’s a self-made man through and through. But no amount of riches can shield him or his family from trumped up charges.

Caitlyn was in search of love and acceptance when she joined Reverend Jensen’s cult. She spent a lifetime doing good and being good for everyone else, and never going after what she wanted. After initial reluctance to the reverend’s teachings, she begins to let down her guard and fall for someone so unlike herself, but soon she discovers that she and Roy have more in common than meets the eye, and she makes it her mission to save him and his family from what lies ahead for them.

Will Caitlyn find the one thing she’s always longed for in the handsome attorney?