Winter Peril

A Kindle Scout Winner


Erica Mira is a successful businesswoman from Florida who has little interest in cold weather and snow. However, when an opportunity to check out an old factory in Maine comes up, she can’t let it pass her by.

Completely unprepared for the snow storms, however, Erica gets stuck in the middle of nowhere, Maine. Nearly dead, she makes her way to the only house she can find. However, her troubles are far from over.

The handsome and mysterious Gabriel Murphy seems to be the only person living in the chalet, and he has not had a guest in a long time. Erica is drawn to him, but his dead wife is keeping him prisoner, isolated from society. In every sense of the word. Soon, Erica realizes that she is in a much greater danger she’s ever bargained for.

As weeks go by, Erica stumbles upon more and more secrets eating at Gabriel and is pulled deeper and deeper into the mystery of the house. Every time she tries to leave, it throws more and more obstacles her way.

Can Erica and Gabriel survive the ghosts of the house? Victoria Pinder’s “Winter Peril” is an enthralling romantic novel written in the best traditions of gothic romance, that would grip you until the very last page!