Forbidden Prince and my 2018 release so far

Now that I’ve shared I’m pregnant again, I want to share first that I’m trying to save the rest of my Tempting series for when the baby is born. This way I get a few weeks to just enjoy having a new little one around the house.

So with my current pregnancy status, I’m frantically writing up more in my other series. I am finishing up Secret Tryst. I love this story so much! I can’t wait for people to see the next Morgan book. I want to get to Galen’s story, but he’s third to write on my list.

First I need to get back and finish off my Princes of Avce because there were two more tales that needed to be told after I finished the three princes. Forbidden Crown is out. Forbidden Prince is in a few weeks and I’m so excited and January is Forbidden Royal. Forbidden Royal was my first shot at writing a foreign girl, and it’s being edited as we speak. I realized that the tale wasn’t done, especially when it came to who was running the IT department and finding the princesses for the princes. Once I finish with my Princes of Avce, though I’m writing the next Morgan book.

Just to show off the Princes of Avce series though I’m posting the covers because IMO they’re pretty…

Wish me luck as I make the 2018 calendar and work on books I hope you love. Talk to you soon!