20 Billionaires are waiting for you

a-danny-alexander-novelI’m so excited to announce this boxed set is available for pre-order!!! We’ll be partying on Facebook Nov 29th (post Thanksgiving!) If you want to join us, please RSVP Online here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1603122449989859/

We’ll be giving out tons of fabulous prizes.

20 Billionaires. 20 Sizzling Ways to Fall in Love. Whether your fantasy is a prince or a self-made man, this set has all the hard-bodied, Alpha billionaires you can handle. Let our award-winning, best-selling authors take you on a trip filled with exotic locales, dizzying privilege and heart-warming happily ever after.

Amazon: http://indi.uno/2eLV5Db
Kobo: http://indi.uno/2g3J89z
Google: http://indi.uno/2fKzA2l
iTunes and B&N should be available shortly.