A Frosted Game of Hearts Series

Winter Peril

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Life for Erica Mira couldn’t be more perfect. She’s a successful businesswoman, has plenty of friends, and loves her life in Florida. When an opportunity to explore an old factory in snowy Maine presents itself, she eagerly accepts, figuring the trip is worth the temporary inconvenience. But no sooner does she arrive before she meets the unexpected.

A snow storm leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere. Desperate to survive, she braves the elements and makes her way to a nearby chalet, inhabited by a handsome man who has his own nightmare storm to brave…but unlike Erica’s, his storm aims to destroy anything and everything that gets in its way, including her.

Can they survive the danger that lurks in the house?

Victoria Pinder’s Winter Peril is a gripping romantic suspense novel written in the tradition of the best traditional gothic romances that will keep you guessing until the very last page!

Stormy Peril

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Kimberly Mira spends every day of her adult life fighting to forgive herself for mistakes in her past. When an invitation to her sister’s wedding arrives, Kimberly believes returning home may be the key to healing, but getting there won’t be easy. With limited funds, she sneaks aboard a plane with the intention of returning home to beg for forgiveness. When disaster strikes, she soon finds herself in a strange place with a handsome man, whom refuses to speak to her.

A medieval castle on an island off the coast of Maine sounds like the ideal location, but for Raphael it’s more than a place to call home; it’s the perfect location to execute his plans and gather intelligence for the NSA. When a beautiful woman washes up on the shore, his plans go awry.

Assassins have marked Kimberly as their target and are bent on leading an assault on the castle to find and murder her. Doing so means they’ll have to go through Raphael first, but he may not be the only in the mysterious castle they’ll have to contend with.

Can Raphael keep Kimberly safe from harm? Will the mysterious happenings in the castle push her away or help to bring them together? Can the assassins be stopped before it’s too late?

Icy Peril

Michael has no time to be a hero in his quest for revenge. But Sophie is in trouble and lands on his doorstep. Helping her was supposed to be temporary.

Icy Peril:

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Sophie Mira needs to get away, and fast before her former boss and his goons find her and make her pay for what she’s done. With no viable options stateside, she sets out to visit her cousin at her small, secluded island estate, but her trip doesn’t go as smoothly as she planned. The man charged with driving her to the island dies suddenly, leaving Sophie to have to navigate rough seas and find her way to shelter. But what sounded like a good idea before she set sail, soon proves to be far more challenging than she would have ever imagined.

Michael Haniel is a brooding man with no time for distractions. On a mission to get revenge for the horrors of his past, the last thing he needs is to shelter a woman on the run from danger. But when Sophie lands at his doorstep in dire straits, he’s forced to make a snap decision. He does what he thinks is right, not yet fully grasping the impact she and the circumstances they find themselves in will have on their lives.

This modern-day Emily Bronte-esque contemporary gothic romance combines all the best-loved elements of suspense, romance, and heart-stopping danger. Have they found in each other the one thing they never knew they wanted or have they unknowingly invited more peril into their lives?