A Frosted Game of Hearts Series

Hidden Gabriel

I’m trapped. I won’t get out of this house until the snow melts on this mountain. And I never thought broody was sexy until I met Gabriel.

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Erica Mira heads to an isolated factory in the depth of winter where a a storm destroys her car. She fights her way to chalet up the mountain in snow so deep she might die.

But despite mysterious occurrences in the mysterious chalet with strange cries and noises that influences her actions, she becomes intrigued with her host and only other person the imposing home, the broody, wealthy mysterious Gabriel Murphy.

His dark moods and the strange occurrences in the house lead her to discover a terrible secret that he had hoped to hide from her forever. Erica will need all her courage, love and smarts to triumph and let her win a happily-ever-after.

Hidden Raphael

Kimberly’s about to discover romance, suspense and jealousy when she crashes her plane on a cold remote island with only one mysterious and sexy resident, Raphael Murphy.

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Kimberly Mira is returning for her sister’s wedding when she’s lands on an island with a real stone castle off the coast of Maine, and the two assassins who crashed her plane are hot on her heels and intent on murdering her, the only witness. Luckily the castle is inhabited by the temperamental, brooding and extremely handsome Raphael Murphy who sweeps her off her feet and into his protective arms.

However as she lives in his castle, she realizes Raphael lives in the shadow of his former sins and even inside of the walls, the cast of the shadows presents a lingering evil that might destroy them both.

Can she win her heart’s desire and end up in Raphael’s arms or will they both perish?

Hidden Michael

Michael was falsely imprisoned by “friends” and is now out for revenge. Prepare for adventure. Expect romance. Count on Revenge.

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Betrayal, adventure and revenge consume Michael Hanniel’s thoughts. He transforms himself into a mysterious and wealthy self made billionaire with every intention to insinuate himself back in the lives of his best friend and ex-girlfriend who wrongly imprisoned and murdered his family.

Sophie Mira needs to get away, and fast before her former boss and his goons find her and make her pay for what she’s done. With no viable options stateside, she sets out to visit her cousin at her small, secluded island estate, but her trip doesn’t go as smoothly as she planned.

Just as Michael is about to put his cunning plan of revenge in action, Sophie disrupts his life. However her sweetness also fuels hope once his plans are finished.

Romance and adventure combine that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until Michael exacts his revenge.

Hidden Uriel

One man out for vengeance. One woman in need of adventure. Both need hope and just might find that with each other.

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After being marooned for five years, Uriel Ophanim takes the billionaire place of the man who left him to die. He then returns home with his new skills and more money than he ever imagined, but he realizes how corrupt and changed his home in Miami has become. And his childhood enemy Ibris Malikin is now the ruthless governor who cripples the poor with greedy taxes and severely punishes anyone for stealing healthcare. Uriel becomes determined with fighting for those who cannot help themselves.

Emily Mira escapes from a wedding she no longer wants. Unfortunately she’s discovered by a group of men want to kidnap her for ransom so she’s forced her to run even faster. She wasn’t expecting Uriel in her quest to get away. However as their worlds collide, she decides that by his side is the greatest adventure she’d ever know and thinks she can help when she charms the governor, Ibris Malikin.

Uriel needs to choose. He can save Emily from falling for a man who might use her, but then he risks the one thing he swore he’d never give to anyone. His heart.