Brothers in Revenge Series

Irresistibly Lost

One: Deposed Shiek. Two: The woman whose heart he broke.  Three: This marriage of convenience wasn’t supposed to lead to love.

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Aaden Bentley needs to marry to secure an inheritance he never really wanted. Billions wait for him if only he fulfills the will of his parents. Family honor once ruined his life when he skipped out on his own wedding to the only woman he ever loved. But his parents were right. If he married her, he put her in a world of danger so he let her go.

Sienna McKenna booked a tropical vacation for herself to get away from her secretary job. She intended to read, and do nothing, until she walked into the lobby and saw the man who broke her heart, Aaden Bennett, sitting in the lobby. So when he asked her to marry him, for the second time, she has every reason to run away, but instead decides to take a second chance on Aaden.

Neither one of them expected to care or love ever again, but together both their broken hearts heal. But is it enough to truly fall in love with each other?

Irresistibly Found

Martha chooses to marry Jordan for 30 days in exchange for $100 million dollars.

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Jordan Bentley needs his inheritance to protect himself after his parents murder. Martha Vargas’s scholarship is disappearing. They both see each other as the answer to fast needs, and the marriage was supposed to be temporary.

Jordan Bentley needs to marry to unlock his ten billion dollar inheritance. He’s rich, entitled and will do anything to maintain his life.

Martha Vargas is about to lose her scholarship and she needs money to finish school, fast. Jordan offers to pay her a hundred million dollars for a thirty day marriage, though they must pretend to have a real marriage sounded like a dream come true.

Neither expected the chemistry that sparked between them, but when threats roll in and they must work together, both start to believe in true love.

Irresistibly Charming

Irresistibly Charming

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Billionaire Logan Bentley is savvy in the boardroom and the bedroom, but someone is about to prove he’s not as shrewd as he believes. To settle a score, an old enemy emerges with a convoluted tale to tell and will stop at nothing to ensure Logan and his family of moguls languish for their perceived wrongs. All is seemingly lost for them… until a beautiful stranger with a soft heart makes him a proposition he can’t refuse.

Hannah Hughes needs money, and fast. When she’s offered a virtual fortune to marry a man she’s knows nothing about, she readily agrees to it. But when she meets the handsome inmate, she finds herself thinking less about money and more about what she can do to help prove his innocence.

Committed to marry under false pretenses, will Hannah’s kind heart take precedence over either of their bottom lines?

Irresistibly Tough

Irresistibly Tough

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Billionaire physician Oliver Bentley has everything to lose when federal agents raid his medical practice and haul he and his family members to jail on embezzling charges. Suddenly disconnected from his life, his many concern lies with his ailing mother and her medical care, or lack thereof, behind bars.

Rachel Mira has never had any reason to trust anyone, though the Bentley’s were great to her for the ten years she dated Oliver. However after witnessing another woman in his arms, she took off, never telling him she was pregnant. However when she sees he’s been arrested, she doesn’t believe any of it and in his innocence. But when she uncovers a plot where he must marry and divorce in 30 days, she steps in and agrees to marry Oliver. However she wasn’t prepared to come clean about his infant son, and he’s furious that she took their misunderstanding that far. However He needs someone to help him clear his name and keep his family fortune and Rachel has always been there for him.

Will her decision to marry the father of her infant son turn out to be the best or worst decision she’s ever made?

Irresistibly Played

Irresistibly Played

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Roy Bentley Esq. is a self-made man, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. But no amount of success shields him or his family from jealous and vindictive enemies. Someone wants to destroy them and drive their good family name through the mud. Now, he needs to find someone he can trust to help him keep his business, his family, and their money out of harm’s way.

Caitlyn has big goals, but those goals come with a heavy price tag. When she’s offered an opportunity to get one step closer to paying for graduate school, she takes it, believing a few months of discomfort are worth the results. When she meets Roy, however, he’s nothing like the seedy, socially awkward deviant she imagined. He’s decent, kind, and unbelievably handsome. They’re temporary union might not be a problem after all… until he asks for her help.

Is she willing to risk everything to save a man she’s just met?