Catch up on all the boxed set fun 50 Novels for less than $3

In 2017 and 2018, I’m doing less boxed sets. So take advantage now!

I wanted to post about all the opportunities I have in store for you lovely readers.

On January 31st, I’m in Valentine Pets and Kisses 2. Here is the write up: Cupid worked overtime to deliver this Valentine’s Day treat. Cuddle up with a heartwarming collection of dog tales, kitty and horse stories, and true love with these all-new sweet romances penned by USA Today and international bestselling authors.

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Valentine’s is a sweet read, like candy on valentine’s that we gave each other in high school. Sweet, innocent and fun.



Next opportunity is like when we turned twenty, and lived without our parents for the first time. The succulent taste of freedom echoed in our hearts and minds. And what we wouldn’t do if a billionaire showed up on the door to swoop you into his world without any limits.

So on February 13th, I organized a boxed set in 2016 and it comes out then. I wanted to be invited in one of these and decided to make my own luck. I found 20 authors and we created the boxed set for Billionaires. I’m so excited for this set. If you’ve not picked it up and have always liked novels where a billionaire comes and sweeps the heroine off her feet then this set is for you. This set has both sweet and spicy stories for the more refined taste.
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Last is a fantasy novel due out March 28th. I joined this set because the organizer has a history of either getting a lot of readers to preorder and has successfully had her sets get on the New York Times list. This was last minute on my part and paranormal which is not my usual, but for the opportunity, I had to try. So I wrote what my Game of Thrones loving fan girl always loves: dragons.

In my story I wanted to create dragon shifters and create a world of my own where all creatures of the night might exist

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So all together there are 50 novels where I have three entirely different novels in each set.


I hope you have time to collect all these boxed sets before they disappear.

Victoria Pinder