Escape of the Dragon

I thought my small town, humdrum life was a bore. While others were content to live a quiet life, I craved excitement. No sooner had I fervently wished for something more when Damien Tempt entered my life. He promised me the world and I vowed to follow him anywhere… until a stranger kidnapped me and took me far away from the life I thought I wanted.

Grayson De Marco swore he saved me from a demon, but I refused to believe Damien was anything less than perfect. I resisted Grayson’s charms and oh-so-tempting touch and found my way back to the man I loved. But my return exposed a sinister side of Damien that made me wish I’d heeded Grayson’s warnings. I thought I was trapped until I manifested into a dragon and used my abilities to escape his clutches run into the loving arms of the one who’d saved me.

Marrying Grayson made my abilities grow stronger, but when I discovered just how far Damien was willing to go to wreak havoc on the world, I wasn’t sure they’d be enough to stop him, but I refused to let that dissuade me.