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  1. The Steels are now in Kindle Unlimited.

Unlike my earlier books the Steel women really helped me go through 2020 in a more personal way. They were written in a new style for me and it took me some time to write characters in deep first person. However the reviews of the series told me I’d found my new groove. And I loved these women. It was fun figuring out a variety of men these sisters might find as a personal connection.

In early drafting to be honest French Wanker was supposed to be one of the sisters but contracts got in the way so I made her completely separate and officially not a Steel sister. And Treasured featured a cousin.

As an author I’d been told men being connected sell more but I wanted to write a variety of hot guys from princes to cowboys and billionaires and Scots. And sisters who are close really ensure the family continues as a close bond. So I broke the writing recommendation and decided to write sisters. Then I branched off with some relations, but honestly the core of family bonds that ties the wide variety of men that come into their lives really made me long for my own family.

I even took a trip to Scotland for a few of her friends to find their happily ever afters and let me tell you these women would be absolutely fan girl-ing over #Bridgertons. They moved to London to pretend they lived in the time even before the show premiered. I’ve been wondering how to write the five of them all watching and how that would just bring more people to their favorite events. So you can read them too and then let me know if I should write the new batch of characters who fan girl over all things regency and Bridgerton.

And the reviews of the stories told me people liked the stories generally so I was excited about this. I took a chance to put these books in Kindle Unlimited. I wasn’t expecting too, but for the next 90 days you can now catch up with them.

And I hope you enjoy them.


Also don’t forget my new series is starting and I have a giveaway going for those too. Click on the pictures of Honey Bun and Holiday Fake Out to enter to win the giveaways.

Cover Reveal and GIVEAWAY Sun, 14 Mar 2021 20:33:22 +0000

Arman wasn’t supposed to be the one.

I dumped him when we were 17 and married a man my parents picked for me.


Either way it’s the past, and now I have a daughter and finally left my ex.

On my way home to the beach, I didn’t expect to run into Arman, the nicest and sweetest man I’d ever met.

♥ He’s hotter than ever.

★ And a trillionaire.

And I am not looking for a relationship even from the one man’s kiss that still burned in me.

I don’t get what he still sees in me.

I’m a mess, but you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

Honestly I debated, slept on it, deleted, recreated, and absolutely stressed how this new series of books might be.

I intended to start showing off my new covers much sooner, but the look was important to me. 

And I wasn’t sure how I wanted to look at first. The story took me four months in 2020 to write. At first I was paralyzed with writing. I wasn’t sure what to do. I lost the spark of why I write and this book helped me bring it back. I decided to just let myself start new, clean out my mind and let my imagine wonder. It still went to romance. I love writing two people falling in love, but I rewrote a whole series of a family. 12 brothers… 12 stories that make me personally swoon and I hope you too. 

I even considered a couple-less cover. These two characters helped me rediscover my love for writing and so I set up a small giveaway. Let me know what you think of my couple…

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New Books coming, finally!!! Sun, 28 Feb 2021 20:56:22 +0000

So I have so much and I have been infrequent with blogging. I hate that and I promise I’ll be better. I have all these ideas about the blog but then my kids take my attention. Then it’s like ‘write the book or write the blog’ and the book always wins. I like that it’s contained and I have editors and I hope you’ve been loving the Steel Series. I loved the writing style so much that I decided to head over and write 12 brothers in the same style.

I can’t wait to show you my new stories. Honestly the first one in the series took me months and it usually doesn’t take me that long. We’ll blame 2020.

Then this summer… finally a new Morgan book. There is so many twists and dramatic turns and while 2020 was a washout in drama writing, I can’t wait to show you what happens next to the Morgans.

And this week Fierce Fighter comes out!!! Woohoo. It’s a quick, fast read as Stone knows who he wants… Vanessa and he will stop at nothing at the wedding to make her his again. The issue… she has a big secret (his son that he doesn’t know exists). I hope you enjoy!

And if you read my newsletter you’ll read my funny story about Heather Graham the lead in our new boxed set!

Then these are the book in Kindle Unlimited at the Moment so you can read 17 stories that might make your heart race as they are all more billionaire romantic suspense stories… My Irresistible brothers are the most bought with well over 250K buyers so you can speed through them before they disappear from Kindle Unlimited