Tue, 10 Jul 2018 10:00:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 32 32 51145589 Tempting Harry New Release Tue, 10 Jul 2018 10:00:03 +0000 Read More ...]]> This book is now out and I’m so excited for a few reasons. The book is connected to stories of the past and stories yet to come.

Harrison Hughes is a Constitutional attorney. His parents were lawyers. He was groomed to be a lawyer and take over the family business. However since his parents death last year, his fiancee leaving him, and his sister taking off to ‘find herself’ he’s been on his own. So when his former Marine buddy needs someone to guard his parents, Harry agrees. And the Hawkes take him as one of their own and invite him to Christmas. He stays in Miami for the party out of respect but he didn’t expect to meet Roxy Hawke, their cousin.

Roxy wasn’t looking for romance. She’s been through a lot. She broke up someone else’s wedding thinking she was in love. But then she lost the baby she was having and the guy turned out that he was just using her. So she’s sworn off romance but no one lets her forget what she’d done. So when she meets Harry, she’s not looking for romance, but the two of them team up at the holidays and romance is the lynchpin that keeps their lives together.

Roxy first appeared in Favorite Coffee, Favorite Sin when she broke up the wedding. Harry is a needed lawyer for my upcoming brothers-in-revenge stories.

So you can get a stand alone romance and meet some great characters and reset a few old characters along the way. You can get your copy at any store you wish!

Tempting Harry

Tempting Harry:

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He’s a constitutional lawyer with a burgeoning career, but no matter how many accolades he receives, Harrison Hughes will always be alone. His parents are long-dead. His love life is nonexistent. Any hope of belonging to something bigger than his grief is dashed until his ploy to be the person people expect him to be inadvertently leads him to the love of his life, but like him, she’s lost.

Six months ago, Roxanne suffered a horrific loss, and no one will let her forget it. As the Christmas holiday approaches, she’s determined to lay low and get through the holiday unscathed, but when she meets Harry, her plans suddenly change. Could their chance meeting lead them in a better direction or will their broken hearts and spirits prevent them from finding their happily-ever-after?

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Giving Back to my fellow Authors, my community and my readers Sun, 08 Jul 2018 14:21:28 +0000 Read More ...]]> First to give back to my community, I joined a boxed set where I donated a week of my time to write out an all new House of Morgan Story that will be included in Somewhere Out there. I’m also giving away to authors and readers so keep scrolling to read more, but first I want to this set that releases August 21st. I have no answers for big issues like immigration. But I went to Catholic school from first grade to law school with a few years at a private undergraduate university, and I was always taught to let my morals be my guide in life and one of those morals believes that families need to be together. Parents raise their children and the government should not be interfering with the best interests of this. The government has no business taking children from their parents who were only seeking a better life. And I don’t care when or where it started, but as a mother I don’t even know what I’d do if someone tried to take my children from me. So I happily donated a new story and set the story in one of my known series to give back. 100% of all proceeds go to charity to help in the reunification.

So if you want to help in this set, check out, Somewhere Out There and preorder Yours Today.

It’s $3.99 and you get a to also help families and you get a collection of different types of stories, from contemporary romance (me and others),  science fiction/ fantasy, horror, mystery and children stories.

You can preorder this set now.

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(Apple also promised me to help promote the set so special shout out to Apple Books for caring about families.)

And if you want to help with spreading the news, we have giveaways!

Check out:

Second to give back, I want to mention on my blog at least once that on June 27th I made a vow to myself to start really giving back to my author community. I won’t use the blog month but on my Twitter and Facebook Author Page I started a daily routine to post one marketing tip a day as a thing to do. I want to continue this for 365 days so authors see that if you take one small step a day, it can help in your business. I’m not doing this to make any money. There is no course I plan on upselling to anyone. I just know that I learned ALOT from my author community both online and in person. So it’s a way to just give back to how I learned so I offer a hand to another author. Part of me wishes I had time to teach still as I was a high school teacher for a decade and I loved being in my classroom. But life moves on so that’s not on the radar unless it’s a workshop at a conference.

You can follow me to get the daily note of something to do or not. Totally up to you if you’re an author.

Here are a few examples of recent Twitter and Facebook posts.

July 6th

Tip of the day… find your lowest selling book and make a change. Changing the blurb is free. Ordering a new cover costs money but might be worth it. I recently changed the title, cover and blurb to make the series more marketable and now the series is doing better than ever.

July 5th

Newsletter growth. I’m constantly checking my Facebook ads for newsletter growth and wondering if a different ad might work better. Don’t just settle for one that’s working… another might work better. So today it’s tweak a Facebook ad day.

July 4th

Today plan for the future… write out a new blurb, order a new cover and be ready to go for your plans. Don’t wait till the last minute and get these basic things done long before they are due.

And if you’re an author and want to talk to me in person about this stuff, I’ll be presenting at the Heart of Denver’s September meeting and I’ll be doing a workshop on Florida Romance Writers Fun in the Sun Cruise Conference. I’ll be attending RWA conference and NINC conference as an attendee, but if you want to meet up at either of these author conferences, message me… I love sitting and talking to authors. I know I listened hard to everyone I found had insight. I drove for hours to pick up Barbara Vey to bring her to meetings to talk and drove her home, and she’s super nice and I totally picked her brain as just one of the things I’ve done in the past to figure out marketing when I never sold anything in my life before becoming an author. I’ve been too shy at major conferences to approach some of the people I really wanted to so don’t feel shy to message me. And besides my usual roommates for conferences all ditched this year so I’m flying solo, so I’m honestly more free as many of old roomies all went on cruises, headed to Greece, or just decided not to come for personal reasons.

Now to give back to my readers, Hidden Gabriel is FREE! This used to be a book that I called Winter Peril. It won Kindle Scout. And this is FREE to readers this month. And it’s also proof of my author stuff. It’s important to revisit the cover and blurb and make changes. This used to look very different!

I’m trapped. I won’t get out of this house until the snow melts on this mountain. And I never thought broody was sexy until I met Gabriel.

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Erica Mira heads to an isolated factory in the depth of winter where a a storm destroys her car. She fights her way to chalet up the mountain in snow so deep she might die.

But despite mysterious occurrences in the mysterious chalet with strange cries and noises that influences her actions, she becomes intrigued with her host and only other person the imposing home, the broody, wealthy mysterious Gabriel Murphy.

His dark moods and the strange occurrences in the house lead her to discover a terrible secret that he had hoped to hide from her forever. Erica will need all her courage, love and smarts to triumph and let her win a happily-ever-after.

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Get caught up with the Hawke Fortune Tue, 03 Jul 2018 12:00:39 +0000 Read More ...]]> This series was so much fun to write and each story had a different goal. The first book was starting out as enemies to lovers. The second was an island romance. The third was a fairy tale rescue. However once I met the characters though the stories became more complicated. However the idea was simple. But as an author it’s more important to listen to characters. And the men and women in this series were all so different.

Gabe: He’s the protective older brother and CEO of his own company. Megan also loves her family and her mother’s memory, enough to go face the enemy of her brother. Their protective natures draw them together and pull them apart.

James: He wasn’t supposed to be a billionaire. He had no idea he was an heir to the fortune until a random uncle he’d never met died and left him everything. He was the bad boy that had no cares. He meets his match in Scarlett who doesn’t want a billionaire or her father’s handouts. She’s feisty and goes after what she wants.

Then there is Conner: He’s a new prince in a restored small European country. The last person he expected to fall for was the shy little sister of his best friend from the marines.

All three of the original siblings are all in this one boxed set that you can now get at all retailers.

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Have you gotten TEMPTED yet? Which former marine billionaire will you choose? The brilliant minded CEO, the recovering bad-boy billionaire, or the alluring Prince complete with his own castle?

These hot and sexy former marines and best friends will have you begging for more.

You’ll want to marry one of them and keep him for yourself.

Get the series readers are raving about.

Tempting Gabe

Gabe Hawke has a brilliant mind, billions, and someone tries to kill his parents to stop his business. The last person he expected to protect was the sister of the man out to destroy his family.

A skilled assassin. A desperate plea. A sizzling romance.

Tempting James:

Scarlett doesn’t want a billionaire. James refuses to mention he’s one. He’s there to protect her, not fall for her.

She’s on the run. He’s a distraction. They’re begging for trouble.

Tempting Conner:

One sweet, unassuming book blogger targeted by an assassin. One handsome prince sworn to protect her. These two have nothing in common, except undeniable chemistry.