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So Easter was yesterday! My daughters had baskets. And my mom always included one present/doll in the basket when I was a girl. So my girls had the same thing. They also got a present. E-dorable got herself a bunny. Miss Blippi as I call my 2 almost 3 year old these days had a doll. And in the spirit of sharing I asked my author friends if they had any FREE or 99cents romance novels to share as well. My rules were simple… keep it clean. The hallmark movies, heck Pretty Woman didn’t really have a lot of sex scenes but they were still fun romantic romps. And I know I love romances. My friends delivered. Ann Omasta and Kristin Wallace had stories that I LOVED that they offered to share with you. But the others I’m picking up as well because at the end of the day after watching my girls, I’m exhausted. And I need to unwind with happily-ever-after romances that make my heart grow. My own books are included in this as well because they’re FREE and if you know someone to recommend them or haven’t picked on up… now is a good time. So check out these fun romances for you and I hope you had a Happy Easter!

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Secret Admirer is out now! Tue, 09 Apr 2019 22:51:37 +0000

Secret Admirer came out today.

I’m so excited. Rebecca James was fun to write. She’s real. She’s funny. She has so much going for her. She owns a home. She has a car and a job. She works as a mechanic and she’s deciding to go to school for more. However in love, she’s had a rough time. Her last boyfriend called her another woman’s name, in bed. And she doesn’t think she wants the impossible. She wants a prince charming type. She pulls out a picture and describes him to her friends on what she wants.

Then in a chance encounter she meets the picture perfect man in real life. It must be fate and she chases him to get her chance to speak to him. And now she’s ready to fall in love and be with her dream guy. Problem is Bart Morgan is not exactly a prince charming to anyone. He’s self indulgent, rich, spoiled and probably the biggest jerk around. However Rebecca disarms him in a way no other woman ever has. And if he can accept her in life then he wins the biggest lottery he’d ever need… the love of a good woman. So sparks fly and classes clash in this romance. And I hope you enjoy! Links are below.

Last before the links. I’m so sorry. Amazon changed its preorder and might have sent out my draft that no one is suppose to see. Only Amazon because Amazon changed its structure and everyone with an existing preorder before their change is pretty much not on their radar of caring. I’m so happy to be wide when things like this happen as no one else messed with delivery. But if you order now on Amazon you should get it just fine! It was just the people I love who preorder that Amazon sent the wrong files too.

Rebecca James is done dating jerks. 

When she meets billionaire Bart Morgan during a chance encounter, she mistakingly believes it’s a sign her life is about to turn around. All she has to do is find him again and do whatever it takes to make him hers.

Bart doesn’t mind another woman lining up for a chance in his bed, though he’s certainly not looking for a relationship. But there’s something different about the unusually sweet Rebecca and her faith in happily ever afters that has Bart second-guessing his “no relationships” rule.

Will Rebecca James show him what happiness is all about, or will risking his casual encounters for a serious relationship prove disastrous for them both?

Fans of Nora Roberts and Bella Andre are addicted to this sweet contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author Victoria Pinder!

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Hidden Dane Release Day Tue, 26 Mar 2019 19:22:42 +0000 Every so often I need to think about action, adventure or something slightly different. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Morgan and Princes and billionaires, but sometimes the thirst for adventure calls. so This series makes me write in a fun manner. All the reviews posting already are talking about the fast pace and excitement in the story which just makes me happy as they ‘get it.’

So basically I was like ‘what would the son of the Count of Monte Cristo’ be like (as that was the inspiration for Hidden Michael.) Then I just decided well he’d be like Indiana Jones only set in the modern times. So I had to look up jewelry. I had to look up missing jewels from the 20th century and then I needed to put these two characters on a non stop chase. And I don’t know if you read the Davinci Code as it’s not romance, but it was one of my favorite non romance books that had me glued. So I channeled my own call for adventure and just wrote this fun, flirty and action story. But I kept it contemporary romance. And Dane has friends in his Harvard professors looking for hidden treasures so I’m absolutely going to channel that and write another soon… I have to. Because I don’t know about you but once in a while I just need to watch and read something with more action. So I hope you enjoy.

Hidden Dane

One treasure hunting professor who wants to erase his past and the one woman he can’t forget.

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 When Emily Mira was eighteen, Dane Pearce gave her a key as a promise of his love. Shortly after, he disappeared from her life. Now, ten years later, his troubles are following her as men with guns storm into a nightclub, looking for her.

It’s Dane’s fault men are hunting his high school sweetheart. She has something all of them want: the key to unlock a valuable, ancient treasure. After saving her from the men, he expects her to hand over the key willingly and be done with the danger. Instead, she demands to join him as his partner in search of the missing Irish Crown Jewels.

Now there’s a bounty on both of their heads. But it’s not his life or the jewels Dane is most afraid of. It’s facing the reason he left her behind in the first place.

Read the romantic suspense novels that fans of Nora Roberts and Kerry Barrett are sure to love!

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