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A Holiday Romance Collection

Read 9 full length stories in this fantastic holiday collection. Each book is a standalone and sold separately by each individual author. Follow their amazing characters as they find their true love under the mistletoe. Some tales are steamy hot, others naughty sweet, but oh… they are all soooo good!



Tara L. Ames – SEAL Unwrapped

Best buds since elementary school, Sean Lakeman is her soulmate.

Lovers since high school, Lindsey Mallorie is his compass.

They’re supposed to be together forever… until Lindsey’s father, the town’s sheriff, threatens to arrest Sean if she doesn’t stop seeing him for he’s just a ranch hand going nowhere fast. Unaware Lindsey has given him up to save him, he changes the direction of his life and leaves Montana, vowing never to see her again.

Now a highly decorated navy SEAL, Sean comes home for the holidays a decade later, still wrapped up in years of bitterness toward Lindsey. Will he be naughty and seek revenge against the woman who crushed his heart, or will he make her Christmas wish come true and be nice and bare the gift of forgiveness…for there’s a lot more than the magic of the season sparkling between them.

Alyssa Drake – Mistletoe Hopes

When a chance meeting under the mistletoe ignites a hidden attraction, Tess is forced to choose between fighting her desire or surrendering to love.

Christmas in the snow sounded like a brilliant idea when Kaitlyn pitched the idea of spending their annual sister holiday at a working ranch. However, mid-flight, Tess discovers Kaitlyn’s underlying motive is to spend the next seven days ogling the male owners of Dove Ranch.

Stuck in the snow with no electricity and a cowboy-crazy sister, Tess finds solace with the eldest brother, Weston, who deplores the suggestive misdirection of the ranch’s new advertising scheme. Agreeing to buffer Weston from the advances of the ranch’s eager guests, Tess finds herself falling for the man she offered to protect.

However, when Weston makes the ultimate sacrifice, Tess must decide if she’s willing to risk her heart on a cowboy.

Bella Emy – Fighting For Us

Book 1 in the Love is Worth Fighting For Series

In this steamy holiday romance, can an MMA, ex-Navy SEAL, single dad find love again? Can a brokenhearted young woman believe happily ever afters don’t only exist in books?

I had it all.
A wonderful family with a loving wife who was my world and a beautiful baby girl.
I didn’t need anything more to be rich in my eyes.
Then one day, everything changed and my world was ripped apart.
My wife, my everything, was taken from me, and I was left alone to raise our baby girl.
I was forced from late night sessions at the gym to changing diapers all by myself.
Thank God for the help I received from my parents and siblings or I would have been lost.
I accepted my fate of being alone with my baby girl and living life with just us two…
Until the day I met her, and she became everything worth fighting for.

Life was so perfect.
A loving fiancé, wonderful friends and family, and a job I adored.
Until one day, my world was turned upside down and the man I loved threw the promise of forever down the drain and walked out of my life.
The day he walked out of my door, I knew that everything I had ever grown up to believe in was a lie.
Love is unconditional but love sure as hell doesn’t last forever.
The vow to love me for the rest of our lives ended quickly as he pulled away from me, and buried himself in the arms of his ex.
I was left alone, cursing the male species and everyone who had found their happily ever after.
My sister and my best friend were the only ones there for me…
Until the day I met him, and he became everything worth fighting for.

C. A. King – High Heels And Mistletoe

Billionaire Romance meets Sweet Christmas Love in this New Romantic Comedy made just for the holidays.

Call it an allergy or a family curse, either way it boiled down to the same problem: Julietta Romero couldn’t go within six feet of mistletoe.

Forty-eight weeks, from January to the beginning of December, were spent filling the position as a top executive at a prestigious marketing firm–a five-year running record without a single incident. As long as she continued taking all her vacation hours all at the same time, nothing would change. Then, the worst scenario happened: with only a handful of days left before her flight, she found herself working round the clock on the firm’s biggest deal yet, and her boss wasn’t letting her leave until it was signed, sealed, and delivered.

Luke Winslow was in love with women, parties, and the holidays, and not necessarily in that order. Taking over one of his father’s companies didn’t fit into any of his plans, nor did a relationship that lasted longer than a roll in the sheets. There wasn’t a single person who had made him want to settle down and be serious, that was until she fell into his arms… several times. Now, he’ll do anything possible to stop her from escaping his charms, including holding off putting his John Hancock on the business deal his father instructed him to close.

It’s up to the magic of the season to bring this unlikely couple together with a little help from a pair of High Heels and Mistletoe.

Shannyn Leah – My Big Fat Fake Mistletoe Kiss

Mistletoe mishap. A toe-curling kiss. The wrong brother.

An all-paid Christmas work vacation to Santa’s Village Resort sounds perfect. Right? Snow, twinkle lights, reindeer, the whole shebang. Wrong.

When Bailey Tremblay purchased some naughty silky lingerie, she had planned on surprising her boss with a treat on the side. After all, the week before they’d shared a toe-curling kiss under the mistletoe. But when he shows up with another woman on his arm, effectively destroying her delightful Christmas plans, Bailey is shaken. Hiding in her room for the remainder of the trip, eating ginger cookies and drinking cider sounds like the best way to retreat and heal her hurt ego.

Her boss’s brother, business partner, and the co-owner of the company—aka her other boss—has his own holiday plans. And he isn’t about to take no for an answer. Now Bailey finds herself pretending to be Wesley Sinclair’s fake lover and kissing the wrong brother under the mistletoe … or is she?

Why is it every time her lips are on Wesley’s, they’re alone?

Hold on to your jingle bells with this holiday rom com that will leave you swooning and looking for holiday magic everywhere.

Erin Lee – Crazy For Christmas

The Christmas Academy. Frankly, it sounded absurd. But with a name like Noelle and her quirky family’s reputation for leaving candy cane lights up year-round, who was she to complain? Between semesters, she could certainly use the distraction. It was the least she could do for a struggling little town that had lost its spirit since the mill closed.A Santa gig. Really? Still, it was the best he could do for now. Looking up at the twinkling sign dotted in mistletoe, Kristopher reminded himself it was only temporary. It wasn’t like he had any other place to be but had always found holiday festivities silly. What happens when a cheery professor and a burly, bitter con are tasked with bringing the holiday spirit back to a struggling town? It all begins with the mistletoe.

Ellie Masters – Hawke Christmas In Paradise

HAWKE: Christmas in Paradise, is a Steamy, Holiday Billionaire Romance that will heat up the sheets and keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Christmas in paradise turns out to be way more than she bargained for…

Quinn Hayes had it all and lost it all. Her picture-perfect relationship, the venture capital she needs to launch her fledgling company…gone. All she has now is the vacation she planned to take with her ex-fiancé—and there’s no way she’s letting that go. The last thing she expects (or wants) to find in Euphoria is love. But the sexy, confident man she meets there has her wondering if a rebound is precisely what she needs.

Hawke Sterling doesn’t do romance. He’s far too jaded for that. Fairy tale, happily ever after endings just aren’t for people like him. But there’s something about Quinn that has him questioning everything. She’s smart, charming, and entirely too gorgeous for his peace of mind. Too bad the only thing he has to offer her is heartbreak.

When it turns out that Hawke holds the key to Quinn’s professional success (or ultimate failure), he’ll have to decide if the cost of being with her is more than he’s willing to pay—and Quinn will need to decide if taking a second chance at love is worth the risk…

Samantha Morgan – Santa’s Letter

‘All I want this year is for daddy to be happy again’

When a letter addressed to Santa accidentally arrives in Lori’s apartment mailbox, she can’t resist the temptation to read it. After realizing it’s from the young boy next door with a recently widowed father, she knows she should respect their privacy and stop. However, it’s Christmas and she might just be able to save the holiday for them with a little bit of tinsel and mistletoe. This Christmas Lori will stop at nothing to make Jason’s wish come true.

Victoria Pinder – A Scot For Christmas

Lost my job right before Christmas sounds like a bad joke, but without the job, my immigration to London is at risk which means no more of my Jane Austen life and the only life I’d ever wanted.
Until billionaire and Scottish lord Harris Kellison makes me a deal I can’t refuse.
He’s the sexiest man in a kilt I’d ever seen.
I want to tell him no, but I’m out of options.
So I’ll play his game, but lucky for him, I don’t ever fall in love.
The Kellison men are cursed or blessed and I’m the clan Laird. We only fall in love once, and know in an instant.
Sophia is it for me. I want her in my bed and at my side.
She refuses to trust me though, but she’s the most intoxicating woman I’d ever kissed.
I need to make her mine, permanently.


All of these authors are highly talented and super amazing!!!


To celebrate the release, the authors are offering a giveaway!

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Rules: One winner will be randomly selected to receive an Amazon Gift Card and a free eBook copy from each author from of one of the books that they have written, excluding their book in the Kisses Under The Mistletoe Holiday Collection. International entrants are welcome to enter as long as Amazon recognizes and accepts the winner’s email. Giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


July New Releases Tue, 21 Jul 2020 11:06:00 +0000
July was one crazy month for me. The projects that I signed up to join all hit in the summer.

First you have French Wanker which is my ode to Vi Kneeland and Penelope’s Ward book called British Bedmate. I connected Quentin to Simon as they had the same emotional pain. Simon was in the raft with Blake when he didn’t have a life vest and drown. So my character Quentin is Blake’s little brother and the reason the life vest wasn’t there was he’d brought it home instead of leaving it in the boat. So one death had a ripple effect on all the men. And my Quentin is quite brooding, so I hope you love him.

Second my Cinderella story released in the fairy tale anthology that was so much fun. I was like ‘I LOVE CINDERELLA’ and my worst review compares it to the Grimm Brothers which yes I did read. I honestly don’t think it’s that dark. No one’s sawing off their toes to fit a shoe. But writing a poor girl who falls for a prince… I’m so in. It’s my favorite fairy tale.

Third was what was supposed to be an Olympic Anthology to go along with watching the games. It’s also a bit of an ode to an uncle who played professional football and wrestled professionally. He found my mom and reconnected her to their mom and their family. (There was issues.) So when writing Emily and Stone’s tale there is a sense of realism in them that even my editors didn’t quite get. (Maybe that’s the darkness people sensed in Emily’s story.) However both books are fictional. (My dad is not a billionaire prince type though he’s a prince in his own way.) Stone’s story is a second chance with his first love romance. When he left town penniless and homeless, she didn’t tell him she was pregnant. Now he’s going for the gold and nothing is holding him back from his dreams. I hope you enjoy all these stories.

Next month I’ll be back with the Cocky MD, but for now… I hope you enjoy!


Why couldn’t a sexy Frenchman be the way to nurse a broken heart on a honeymoon for one? The question plagued me, and part of me figured he was just what the doctor ordered!

On the steps of the Eiffel tower, the hottest man I’d ever seen referred to himself as a wanker on the phone and a surge of heat grew inside me.

And why did British slang suddenly sound like a name in my fantasies?

When Mr. Wanker shows up on my train to Italy, we make a deal that he’ll take me to Monte Carlo and then we can continue onto Rome, together.

My lonely honeymoon for one is now heating up.

And the more time I spend with my Mr. Wanker, the stronger my fantasies of tossing everything and moving to Europe play out in vivid color in my mind.

Falling in love wasn’t supposed to be a part of this vacation. Reality always ruined fairy tales…

Two Step Sisters, check.

One Evil Step mother, check again.

Prince and a ball though… now that’s a silly fantasy, right?

Okay technically my family has been invited to a billionaire wedding. My cousin is having a three day affair.

My step-family now wants to claim Steel, my last name, as their family relationship. Sure my father had married my stepmother, but at best we pretend to be family.

Otherwise this summer is my last summer before college begins and I move out, forever. Scholarships are set.

What I didn’t expect was Edward Donovan. He’s everything I hate in a man, spoiled, rich, and believes the world should worship him.

So why is he asking me to dance?

And why is my heart racing.

This will never last though. Fairy tales never do.

Except my eyelids are fluttering closed and my heart races when he guides me in these dances. t might not be a happily ever after—but maybe being happy for even one night will sustain me.

Cinder of Ashes is a standalone regency romance and part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Series, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance retellings.

One Click to buy now.

The Summer Games may be postponed, but finding love is not…

Grab the anthology today! Special 99¢ pricing good through July 25th — after, it will be $6.99!

The Winning Bracket by Mignon Mykel
When the Olympics are cancelled, professional volleyball player Samantha Piper finds herself going home to Montana, but what she doesn’t expect is to fall—fast—for the former fiancé of her high school enemy. As they play alongside one another in the summer couple’s volleyball league, the stakes are high—each win has a fun, and eventually sexy, incentive. Can the final winning bracket include love?

Making the Leap by Aubree Valentine
From the outside she looks like a high-society princess. He’s no more than the family’s ranch hand. But that’s not the reason they’re bad for each other, nor is it the reason they’ve held back. Can they get past all the reasons why they couldn’t work out, and accept the real reason why they can?

Long Shot by Jennifer Bonds
Wes Kaplan is rich, entitled, and a total pain in my ass. Worse? He’s hot AF, persistent as hell, and totally off-limits. Because in a town where gossip spreads faster than pollen on the wind, the only thing worse than hooking up with your uptight boss’s son is falling for him.

Personal Foul by Brooke O’Brien
What will happen when the smooth-talking and irresistible basketball recruit sets his sights on the head coach’s daughter? The risks are high with the heat of their sexual tension mounting. Giving in to their desires is one personal foul neither of them can back down from.

Throw Like a Girl by Tina Gallagher
After knowing each other for years, Penny Montgomery and Kenny Hanover enjoyed a mild flirtation but didn’t move things beyond that. Besides the fact he’d been warned away by her overprotective big brother, she was only in town for a short visit before heading out to join the Olympic Softball Team, and Kenny wanted more than a fling. When the Olympics are canceled months later, Penny takes a well-deserved vacation at the beach and finds Kenny in town for a friend’s wedding. Still drawn to him, Penny wants to explore their attraction, she just needs to figure out how to convince him to do the same.

Double Contact by Christy Pastore
As a professional baseball player, women have never been a challenge. Until I met her. Brunette. Beautiful. Vivacious. Just as I’m ready to take my shot, my teammate jock blocks me. Turns out he saw her first. That was two years ago. As luck would have it, our paths crossed again, and this time, I don’t waste a second. I want my chance.

Fierce Fighter by Victoria Pinder
Stone Steel only has one shot to success. Wrestling. He’ll prove it in the Olympics that he’s the best. But he takes time off his training to go to his cousin’s wedding. He hadn’t expected Vanessa, his ex, to be a bridesmaid. Vanessa hopes to avoid Stone at the wedding. She never told him when he left town, she was pregnant. However weddings are intimate and Vanessa and Stone’s chemistry is off the charts. But if she tells him her secret, she’s worried he’ll never forgive her. Can she take a chance on him, this time?

Cocky Hero Club Releases with French Wanker!!! Sun, 19 Jul 2020 13:34:14 +0000 COCKY HERO CLUB
Release Date: July 19, 2020
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero
Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New
York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
After nearly two decades in the rock and roll business, Jace Logan has
seen and done it all. It’s been a long time since someone told him no regarding
anything. Until her. She’s different.
She’s gorgeous, sexy, and oddly familiar, but he can’t figure out why.
When she shuts him down, she only makes herself that much more intriguing and
he’s determined to find out more. What he discovers leaves him reeling.
Eva D’Agolino is a single, successful working mother of twin boys, but
she wasn’t always a paragon of corporate responsibility. Once a part of the
rock and roll life herself, she traded in the glitz and glamor for her kids.
These days, she prefers to live and work behind the curtain instead of center
Denying Jace completely proves impossible, but she’s no fool. She’s
already been down that road and knows how the song ends.
Can Jace convince Eva that he’s nothing like her ex, and that theirs is
truly a love song for the ages?
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Can a
divorced man find love with a much younger woman?
He’s been
divorced for years and is preparing for his oldest child’s wedding when a
beautiful young woman runs into him in the resort lobby.
He’s much
too old for her, but when his daughter, Karissa, decides – once again – it’s
time for him to “make nice” with his ex-wife, he tells her that he’s dating
someone. Which someone? He uses the name of the woman he ran into at the front
hiding out at a Lake Tahoe resort for the weekend after catching her boyfriend
and cousin in an intimate act. Her best friend, Dalilah Knight, pays for her
reservation and all she must do is pretend to be her friend for the weekend.
Simple? Wrong.
happens when two people, who shouldn’t have anything in common, get thrown
together for a weekend at a five-star resort?
Will Chloe
help Damon out when he gets caught in his lie? How long can they keep their
hands off each other while pretending to be a couple?
Do Chloe’s
parents know where she is? Will Chloe ever tell Damon her name?
happens in Tahoe, stays in Tahoe. Not always.
What if
Damon and Chloe have a lot more in common than they think? Manhattan here we
Can they
work past their miscommunications and fears?
This story
is filled with twists, turns, ups and downs. By the time you’re done, you’re
going to feel like you just stepped off a roller coaster ride.
Buckle up,

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The king of
supposed one-night stands, and my brother’s best friend.
I hate him.
I loathe
I despise
I love
He’s the
man of my dreams and everything I know I should stay away from, but, oh, he’s
so irresistible.
The things
he does to me, I can’t keep my mind off of him.
But God, I
need to keep my distance, yet I’m so drawn to him.
And then in
an instant when my world is forever changed, Preston is the only one who I can
turn to for comfort. He takes care of me, my mind, my soul, my heart, and
my body.
But I know
this can never last.
It’s not in
him to settle down, and he surely won’t with his best friend’s sister.

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Gage Young
is the hottest baseball player in the league. This Billionaire Catcher can lead
the team to the World Series and win daddy of the year, but he can’t capture
the heart, mind, and body of Nina Mitchell.
dealing with more than an arrogant baseball player who’s used to running the
show. Her family’s business is under pressure to sell out and make room for
another mall. Come to find out; Gage Young has a stake in the deal. He
talks with old friends Tig and Delia for advice.
Can these
headstrong players let regulations slide? Or will rules get in the way of new
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Some say
I’m cocky — I say I’m confident.
Things have always come easy for me; sports, academics…girls. And I’ve used all
of that to my advantage the past three years of college.
I’ve got it all, or at least I thought I did until Laken walks into my life.
I’ve never desired a relationship like my parents have, but there is
some mysterious pull I feel toward this brunette I’ve noticed around campus.
And with each interaction we have, I long to know her more. Yet the closer we
get, the harder she resists and the higher the walls go up.
I sense there’s something more – a secret she’s hiding – one she doesn’t trust
to share with me yet.
But she will, if I have my way, and I’ll do anything if she’ll take a chance on
me. On us. I grew up hearing the story of how my parents met, their separation,
how my dad fought for them, and their happily ever after. I just never expected
or wanted to find that for myself.
Now that I have I don’t want to ever let them go.But when I’m given the opportunity of a lifetime after graduation, will the
offer of my heart be enough for her to accept? Or will I lose her forever?

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sucks, especially when you have a shopping addiction.
I started
at Seemore Temps when my dreams were shattered and I needed something to pay
the bills. 
At Seemore
Temps they pride themselves on the three B’s. Beauty, Brains, and Bounty. 
They supply
the mostly male-driven businesses of Manhattan with able women that can do the
job, and look good too. 
Needless to
say, we’re a popular Agency.
Working for
Mason Chase should have been easy. He was married, kind and a bit of a flirt,
but pretty harmless. 
Not like
James Murtaugh or the Shameless Bastard as I’ve come to call him. 
He’s the
ruthless, arrogant CEO of Renowned Investment Financial, and he’s set his eyes
on… me.
He can have
any woman he wants and will go to great lengths to have them. 
I need this
job, but I want, Christ, what do I want? Do I give in? Let him conquer me like
some Emperor? 
Or do I
stay in my place and collect the paycheck? We shall see, either way, it’s gonna
be interesting.
All good
things must come to an end, right?
Except our
ending was one I didn’t see coming.
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I’ve been
throwing punches since I was old enough to remember.
They call
me The Lion; a sexy, tattooed beast in the cage.
I gave it
all up after my brother’
s accident.
Now I’m trying to figure a way to save my family’s legacy, at the same time,
mend my broken heart.
I’ve been
in love with my friend Soraya since the ninth grade. Too bad she’s in love with
someone else. I even have a broken jaw to prove it.
My life is
a mess. Until a smoking hot, little firecracker with a zesty attitude walks
into my gym and turns everything upside down.
She’s got
secrets; someone she’s hiding from, and I’m going to find out who.
I won’t let
her run anymore. I’ll show her she’s worth the fight.
I must pull
off the biggest win of my life.
I’m ready
to battle in and out of the octagon for her.
I’m ready
to save my family’s livelihood and win the woman of my dreams.
I’m ready
to battle for my destiny.
Don’t think you know how this fight is
going to turn out.
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Whittaker broke my heart when I was eighteen. What kind of guy stands up his
prom date and leaves her hanging, waiting for him to show up? A total jerk,
that’s who.
Never mind. I left my tiny nowhere town and moved to New York to follow my
dream of becoming an actress.Ten years later, my dream hasn’t happened, and I’m working as the office supply
girl at Morgan Financial Holdings, doing my best to keep my paycheck and not
get fired by the world’s most terrifying boss. Life couldn’t get much worse,
until I get stuck in an elevator and guess who comes to rescue me? In a city of
eight million people, it’s Holden.

Turns out he’s moved to New York, too, to be an EMT. I don’t want to see my
teenage nemesis as one of the good guys, but he’s out saving lives every day,
and he’s still gorgeous and cocky. I could fall for him all over again, and
that’s a problem. Because it’s only a matter of time before Holden crushes me

My hometown heartbreaker isn’t the guy I left behind anymore. If I could stop
hating him, I might belong with him. The question is, which one of us will get
hurt first?

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Cocky. Filthy. Player. 
Tatum Trevino waltzed into my life like he owned it. The renowned soccer
star showed up as my new coach and changed everything. 
Until rumors started flying about the bad boy prodigy kicked off his
team. I thought he was nothing but another cocky playboy, but there was another
side to him under the facade. 
Late training sessions, secret getaways, and a delicious sleeve of
tattoos led to temptation. We kept our relationship private, but I wasn’t the
only secret he was keeping. 
And it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. 
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I was
minding my own business at my new job as a child life specialist when the
sexiest doctor in the hospital fell into my lap… literally.
He was
every woman’s fantasy, the Adonis in a white coat was charming, not to mention
Dr. Andrew
“Drew” Montgomery was quite the catch, not the usual type of guy who I’d expect
to fall for a woman like me. 
The first
man who saw past my wheelchair, Drew was also the first man I could see myself
settling down with. 
We started
dating, and everything seemed fine, but something was holding him back, Drew
was married to his job and he carried the weight of his namesake. A name I
wasn’t sure I could live up to. 
I meant to
keep my guard up, but it was no use. I was in over my head the moment his
gorgeous blue eyes thoroughly examined me. 
I knew my
body was in good hands, but could I trust my heart with the cocky doctor? 
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Why couldn’t a sexy Frenchman be the way to nurse a broken
heart on a honeymoon for one? The question plagued me, and part of me figured
he was just what the doctor ordered!
On the steps of the Eiffel tower, the hottest man I’d ever
seen referred to himself as a wanker on the phone and a surge of heat grew
inside me.
And why did British slang suddenly sound like a name in my
When Mr. Wanker shows up on my train to Italy, we make a
deal that he’ll take me to Monte Carlo and then we can continue onto Rome,
My lonely honeymoon for one is now heating up.
And the more time I spend with my Mr. Wanker, the stronger
my fantasies of tossing everything and moving to Europe play out in vivid color
in my mind.
Falling in love wasn’t supposed to be a part of this
vacation. Reality always ruined fairy tales…
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“Excuse me,
sir, I know this sounds strange, but can I buy that bagel from you?”
I didn’t
know at the time that one simple question would change my life irrevocably.
Not to
mention the tall, dark, and handsome stranger that came with it.
As a
struggling musician in New York, I’d take all the help I could get.
But I
wondered at what price? Because, as handsome and powerful as Bentley
Schilling was, he was still a bastard.

I’d never
forget the day Melody Dumas approached me in that bagel shop.
I sure as
hell didn’t plan to offer her assistance. But when she flashed those deep brown
eyes, she could get any man to do her bidding.
The streets
of New York were not an easy road—one must earn their way. But this beauty was
different. She needed to be on a stage, not singing on a street corner.
I had the
power to help her make beautiful music.
was . . . what was in it for me?

Bastard is a witty, sexy love story about a free-spirited musician who
just might bring a Manhattan powerhouse to his knees.
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Cocky Hero Club