Forbidden Marquis

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A chance meeting. A stunning surprise. A life-changing decision.

Stefano Durnova, the Marchese of Normanni, has 30 days to find a bride or lose his fortune. With the clock ticking, he knows he may have to resort to desperate measures, but he never imagined just how far he’d go to secure his future. A single moment, captured in time by a photographer, changes everything.

Rossie Diaz has always done what she had to do to get by, but when the love of her life breaks her heart, she’s at a loss as how to move forward. When a friend suggests she treat herself to a Paris vacation, she has no idea what surprises may come her way.

Brought together by a serendipitous encounter, Rossie and Stefano try to navigate their new-found roles, but fate, temptation, and the lure of everlasting love may have other plans for them. The question is will they bring them closer together or send them running back to the lives they’ve left behind?

Find out what happens in this modern day Gone with the Windmeets Ever Afterromance!