Hidden Dragon Series

Call of the Dragon

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I lost everything when I lost my grandmother. Desperate for a fresh start, I accepted a job that would take me far away from my old life. But no sooner does my life in Italy begin before I meet him – the man who would change everything and awaken my heart.

Robert De Marco is like no one I’ve ever met before, but how deeply I fall for him scares me beyond words. As war wages around us and startling revelations about who I am and who I’m meant to be become increasingly clear, I find myself torn between choosing to love him and wanting to protect myself from him.

As danger grows around us, my dragon shapeshifting abilities grow stronger, but will they be enough to help me save the world from impending doom and protect myself from potential heartache?

Dawn of the Dragon

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All my life, I was nothing more than a paycheck to my guardians. One disappointment after another prompted me to seek love in all the wrong places. Sam Sheridan was mistake number one. He was supposed to be in my life forever. Little did I know, his idea of forever meant I had to suffer so that he and his vampire brethren could live normal lives. When I discovered what his true intentions were, I thought I’d meet my death… until a dragon came to my rescue.

Logan De Marco transformed right before my eyes. In human form, he was the most magnetic creature I’d ever met. His touch invigorated me and made all my hardships fade into oblivion. It wasn’t long before the spark between us led to marriage. I was under his spell until Sam re-emerged, intent on killing me.

As my life hangs in the balance and the love of my life vows to protect me at any cost, a new sensation overtakes me and transforms me into a dragon. But I’m not sure if my shapeshifting abilities will help or hinder my battle to stay alive and keep the world and the love I share with Logan intact.

Escape of the Dragon

I thought my small town, humdrum life was a bore. While others were content to live a quiet life, I craved excitement. No sooner had I fervently wished for something more when Damien Tempt entered my life. He promised me the world and I vowed to follow him anywhere… until a stranger kidnapped me and took me far away from the life I thought I wanted.

Grayson De Marco swore he saved me from a demon, but I refused to believe Damien was anything less than perfect. I resisted Grayson’s charms and oh-so-tempting touch and found my way back to the man I loved. But my return exposed a sinister side of Damien that made me wish I’d heeded Grayson’s warnings. I thought I was trapped until I manifested into a dragon and used my abilities to escape his clutches run into the loving arms of the one who’d saved me.

Marrying Grayson made my abilities grow stronger, but when I discovered just how far Damien was willing to go to wreak havoc on the world, I wasn’t sure they’d be enough to stop him, but I refused to let that dissuade me.