Mything the Throne

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Greek myth meets Game of Thrones in a quest to be ruler of Thebes.

New Adult Fantasy


The truth is most myths have become murky and indistinct throughout the mists of time. Does anyone know whatever happened to Antigone? Some say she died, but some say she succeeded in marrying her betrothed Haemon.

Antigone is burying her father when we meet her. Before finding out her incestuous roots as the daughter of Oedipus, she was a princess and engaged to Haemon. Now she has lost all hope of ever being loved or living happy ever after.
In the wake of the scandal King Creon tried to marry off his son Haemon to other women, but he never betrayed his vows to his Ann. After a great deal of searching Harry finally finds her in Athens. Once reunited, they grapple with their involvement in the upcoming war between her two brothers for the crown.

Ann needs Harry to protect the citizens of Thebes from her brothers. Harry needs Ann at his side for her wisdom, counsel and strength. An A-list of demigods, goddesses, kings and queens join in the epic battle that will reshape the power structure of the entire ancient world.

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The idea for this comes from my absolute belief that strong women do not have to die just because they stand up to men. Plus I love true love winning over tragedy, and FYI there is a lost play from Euripides where Haemon and Antigone live, have children, etc. So just because I’m not following the tragedy doesn’t mean there isn’t a basis.