Somewhere Out There a Charity Anthology

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I never talk politics. I love ROMANCE and happily-ever-afters and make believe where everything is beautiful. I’m also a mom who loves baking snacks for her toddler and spending my days with my new baby who is almost 3 months now. Wow time flies!

However a few months ago when I heard and read about families being separated at the border, my heart broke. I cannot imagine the pain of losing your children and family. And while I’ve never run for my life and tried to find a new one in a new place, seeking betterment should not separate mothers from their children. And while I’m glad our government reversed course, there are still so many children who were separated and aren’t in loving homes where families take care of children. (And I’m not talking about abused, bad people using children or parents who aren’t caring for their young. That’s a whole other topic and my nephews were adopted so I have personal insight.)

So my heart told me that I needed to do something. I wanted to help and luckily other author friends had the same thoughts. We brainstormed and decided to come up with a charity anthology of books. 100% of all the profits go to KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) and Innovation Law Lab. So I took time out of my schedule and wrote a House of Morgan Novella to include in this set. Over 150 authors, assistants, PR companies, editors, cover artists, and more all came together with the goal to raise funds and help children. I took time out of my schedule which means my 2019 writing schedule is slightly behind now. But I’m glad I did.

And what’s cool about this collection is that it’s so varied. There is contemporary romance (me and others), paranormal romance, fantasy, sci fi, young adult, horror and mystery. At the end you’re getting 56 full stories (no excerpts!) And  it’s all bundled together for good causes. So if you want to get your copy and also help children who need reunification, the entire collection is still cheaper than Starbucks coffee. And if you are in need of something to read right now, we have a Buy One, Get One FREE right now with proof of purchase and you can win great prizes for simply sharing on social media!