The Queen Gene Series

Whispers of a Throne

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Shortly before his demise, Gwen’s father makes a declaration that radically alters the course of her life. Born with the queen gene, she’s destined to marry a king, but when she’s sold to King Thor, her destiny feels more like a curse.

Thor marches in and takes control of every aspect of her life. As war wages around them, she’s forced to choose sides, but her decision does not come without consequences.

A young girl has been kidnapped. Gwen makes it her mission to rescue her and ultimately rescue herself from the ravages of a life she never asked for. As Thor fights to defeat his enemies, she tests him further. Surrounded by danger, embroiled in controversy, and desperate to save those they’ve vowed to help, Thor and Gwen will face the unthinkable. Will they survive their battles together or will the looming threats tear them further apart?

Storm of a Throne


Gwen put everything, including her reputation, on the line to save Thor, but now that he’s turned the tables on his sworn enemies, lingering doubts about Gwen’s loyalty and commitment to him and their cause creep into his everyday existence. To win back the trust, she lost, Gwen will have to prove where she stands and disprove the rumors.

As her enemies close in around her, she’s left with only one choice – destroy them before they destroy her. But that’s easier said than done when faced with increasing dangers, mounting pressure to right her wrongs, and a kingdom that eagerly awaits a triumphant outcome.

Will their harrowing ordeal bring them closer or will it mark the end of their new marriage?



Winds of a Throne

As the war between two mighty kings continues, Gwen is hopeful that her decision to marry Thor will seal their fate, but the danger is not yet over…

When Thor is abducted on their wedding day, a new battle begins. Desperate to find him and finally bring an end to the bitter battle between him and her brother, Gwen must face her greatest fears and find the tools necessary to help bring her husband-to-be home safely or face the possibility that their love was never meant to be.

Will she find Thor before it’s too late?