A Day in the Life of Major Grace Newman before the Zoastra Affair Part Twenty Four

A Day in the Life of Major Grace Newman before the Zoastra Affair Part Twenty Four

PhotoFunia Glamour Regular 2013-09-15 01 01 59Grace saw Cross’s chocolate-brown eyes from across the room, as the guards walked them to an alien royal decree. Rosemarie walked in step with her. Cross being here made a huge difference. Her head might stay right where it belonged.

Cross gave himself away with his piercing eyes. He couldn’t hide the depth of his perception near these aliens. The aliens reminded her of teenage boys, and Cross stood out as a man. He was her ticket out of here, as she focused her eyes straight ahead. She refused to give away any hope.

The guards walked them towards the king’s podium, where he would dictate his rule on what was to be done with the human women. They entered a foyer on the way to the courtyard. Cross and his men followed them. Cross nodded his head at her. The plan had to begin soon.

She elbowed Rose, signaling that Cross was there. Rosemarie almost tripped, but she straightened out her step. Grace offered her a hand, and Rosemarie nodded. Then they both kept their eyes straight ahead. Rose had a head on her shoulders, and wanted out just as much as Grace did.

Their men waited for them back on the ship—Peter, her husband, and Rose dated the general. Grace didn’t understand how anyone could date the aloof General Aurelius. And now that she’d spent the last twenty-four hours with Rose, she understood even less. Rosemarie Mortlock, a creator’s daughter, was everything everyone said she was—amazingly nice.

They turned the corner, and Grace lost sight of Cross. He’d have a plan to get them out.  The women were stopped at a staircase. The guards surrounded them.

“I saw your attraction to the general before anything ever happened,” Grace blurted. Lieutenant Southeastern looked away from the two women embarrassed.

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