A Day in the Life of Marine Captain Cross before the Zoastra Part Five

PhotoFunia Macho Regular 2013-09-15 12 17 56Instead of engaging in battle, the alien ship veered right and took off at lightening speed. Second Lieutenant Rex Gaynor juiced up the Zoastra and took off after it.

“Stop. Slow down,” General Aurelius ordered. “We’re heading into a trap.”

Cross had absolute faith in Rex Gaynor’s abilities. The man knew how to fly. He could get them out of any situation.

“Permission to head to a shuttle bay, sir,” Cross called out from his station. He had a hunch.

“Why?” Aurelius asked.

“Stealth makes more sense than outright battle. Instead of engaging us, the enemy retreated. Perhaps we can take our women back the same way.”

“Permission granted.” Aurelius looked down at a file someone had brought him.

Major Newman stormed on deck. “What happened to my wife?”

Unlike his own unfaithful wife, the Newmans genuinely loved each other. They were the only couple Cross knew in his age group where the marriage worked. Getting Grace back meant giving his friend back his life, and a chance to shoot“Major Newman can help me prepare the shuttle in case it’s necessary.”

“Who else besides Mortlock was here?” Cross needed to know how many people were kidnapped.

“Captain Cross, you’re always handy to have on hand in a fight.” Aurelius clicked a few buttons then looked directly at him. “Major Grace Newman, Second Lieutenant Rosemarie Mortlock, and Second Lieutenant Southeastern.”

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