A list of my book available so far on Walmart

The House of Morgan

Secret Crush

Secret Baby

Secret Bet

Secret Wish

Secret Dad

Secret Heir

Secret Tryst

The House of Morgan 1-3 Boxed Set

The House of Morgan 4-6 Boxed Set

Princes of Avce

Forbidden Crown

Forbidden Prince

Forbidden Royal

Forbidden Duke

Forbidden Earl

Forbidden Monsieur

Princes of Avce 1-3

Princes of Avce 4-6 (can’t find the link yet! Will update!)

The Hawke Fortune

Tempting Gabe

Tempting James

Tempting Conner

Tempting Harry

Tempting Navid

The Hawke Fortune 1-3

Frosted Game of Hearts

Hidden Gabriel

Hidden Raphael 

(Presales aren’t showing and Hidden Michael comes out September 11th)

Favorite Coffee Series (covers didn’t update on their site yet)

Favorite Crush

Favorite Mistake

Favorite Sin

Favorite Scandal

Collins Brothers that I have rights too

Electing Love

Keeping the Spy

Some Fantasy and Paranormal Romances

Whispers of a Throne

Call of the Dragon

Dawn of the Dragon

Makeup May Change Your Life


 Returning for Valentine’s

Somewhere Out There (All money goes to charity)