Cover Reveal Secret Bet The House of Morgan book 3

So far this is my favorite cover of the House of Morgan Series that is launching. How can I not be excited to share? This is Peter Morgan, the oldest son and heir to the billion dollar fortune and name. The first book in the series is the rebellious younger son, John Morgan, in Secret Crush. Then in the second book the billion dollar heiress, Victoria Morgan returns to claim the child she never knew existed. Then there is Peter, who was raised to be his father’s heir. Of course secrets still surround the Morgan family and the fallout is one none of them expected.

Author’s Note: I know Jennifer appears as the grasping money loving gold digger in the series but as the author, I want to eventually show her other side.

Books 4 to 6 will launch in 2017, but I’m getting so excited for the release of the 2016 novels.

When people ask me, what are you working on next? I can finally say ‘another Morgan’ and people will know what I’m talking about now. I’m about to head back into my writing cave and work on Rafe and Elizabeth’s story. Jennifer continues her gold digging ways and somehow I need to find her someone as she’s grown on me, but it won’t be Rafe anymore than it will be Peter. These men know what they want and who they want. Peter gets a woman he never knew he needed until he bets against the former US Marine Belle Jordan.

Anyhow what do you think of this cover? I’m in love. This looks like Peter Morgan.

Secret Affair-3