Do you know what’s awesome I can say about writing romance novels and reading them… there is this end where we read or write the word “THE END” and it’s the part where the hero and the heroine fall in love and are now on the road to happily-ever-after. I love that part. I live for that part in writing and in reading. So when I set out to write Forbidden Bastard I had already set Charles up as this horrible guy who wanted to break apart the heroine. But in his book, we delve into why he’s this bad boy. We also delve into his past, what happened to him and why he took off from his ex-girlfriend. He’s a bit broken after being left for dead when he was only three years old, and trusting doesn’t come easy for him.

And Sandi… she finds out her parents set her up to marry and she says ‘no thanks’ before meeting the guy. And when she does meet him, she tells him to his face she wanted to fall in love in the normal way. But she’ll help him find himself a wife and free herself. The deal should be great, until she starts knowing more about Charles and why he just might be a great guy underneath, if he learns to open his heart.


Sandi Smith’s just been sold to a billionaire noble, but she refuses, until the charming bad boy half prince changes her mind.

Sandi Smith’s parents are not the best entrepreneurs. They’re losing money fast and her friends disappeared just as fast. The trip to Paris to check on an investment seemed strange and when she arrives she finds out her parents promised her hand in marriage to the royal half prince. She’s absolutely not going to let her dreams go in a business deal.

Charles Esposito was given Sandi’s name as his one true love by the local matchmaker, his half sister. To prove her and everyone in Avce wrong, he sends for the American girl. He expected she’d refuse or rather hoped. However meeting her set that plan on fire. Now he’s interested, but he knows he’s no prince in a fairy tale meant for happily-ever-after.

Can Sandi’s refusal help tame this bad boy prince?

Find out what happens in this modern day Pride and Prejudice meets Cinderella’s Ever After romance!

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Now I wish real life worked like books sometimes. Don’t you! I’d love to just freeze the happiest emotion feeling and live in that heady, amazing emotion forever. No one can though and in real life being happy and in love is constantly having to face our demons, what makes them our demons and growing with our partner that we choose. Sometimes I remember that it’s easier to be single because you don’t have to face your own issues as no one is mirroring them back directly in your face, with their own drama that they need to face. It can get overwhelming and my husband and I are both first borns so we both naturally want to solve and lead any problems. Anyhow if you’re interested, I do have my top ten tips of keeping romance in marriage. I’m not a psychologist. I’m a fiction author but you can read my real life tips, here if you want: https://victoriapinder.com/victoria-pinders-romance-in-marriage-tips