Finding Time for Romance now that the newborn is here

Romance isn’t about going out to dinner every night. It’s honestly about being there. When my husband takes a 3 in the morning feeding time with our daughter, I’m so grateful. The extra sleep I get means that when it’s time to offer a kiss and a hug to him, it’s a pleasure. Why? Because he rocked and helped without me prompting anything. So I’ve been treated lately.

I’ve also always said romance is often a mindset of giving and receiving. It’s often just being accepting and letting go the small stuff. For instance, we had a doctor’s appointment for a physical. We have always gone together but with the baby, we didn’t want to take her into an office with sick adults. So we separated. He took so long for his appointment, I was fuming when he came out. I fully intended to read him the riot act. Then he told me what the doctor said to him. Instantly the anger was gone and genuine concern took over. I absolutely do not want him sick, not again.

So I’ll figure out something nice for him because at the end of the day he’s the guy I chose to spend my life with. If you make that choice with someone then you accept there are ups and downs. I feel he often has the short end of the stick as I’m clearly the dramatic one in the relationship. Basically I’m saying I have to figure out the next part because again romance is both ying and yang where we both bring something good to the table.

Romance rocks.

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