I’m so excited this story comes out today. And while all my stories are fictional, I do have to say I’ve been naming a few characters in this series after old friends from Florida. Now the women in the series are absolutely fiction and in no way, shape or form are anything like my old friends for real, it’s been fun honoring friends with naming a character after them. I named Kristin Wells after my friend and fellow author Kristin Wallace whose books are fun. I named Rossie and Sheena after more people in our old Florida critique group. So this one is dedicated to an old friend who always made writing way more interesting and she was always pushing in a good way for the characters to really feel. Sheena Snow might not write much but she’s a wonderful author and friend. And in my fictional world, the Sheena I have is also an artist. It’s different. Book Sheena is all about ensuring physical beauty is seen. She’s supporting other artists and in this ‘support’ she is sort of like the girl I named her after… caring about others selflessly.

Now the character Sheena went to school with Matteo. She considered him kind and nice for a rich boy, but they weren’t close… not really. He always had a woman near him, so when fate collides and she finds herself volunteering to be his bride, she might be physically ready to be a lady BUT she wasn’t prepared for the heart ache of actually opening up her heart and trust to a man she never thought possible. Plus there is her ex, who wants her back, just waiting around, so she now has a real choice. Life she knows or the life she might create if she just trusts. I hope you check out my new release and get it today!

He’s a charming bad boy count about to lose his fortune if he doesn’t marry. And the bride just took off on his wedding day.

Matteo Korbel, the Count of Golchin, proposed a business marriage to save his fortune, figuring his girlfriend was good enough to get the job done. But on the wedding day, she takes off, and Matteo is forced to ask the chef’s daughter to step in as a replacement bride.

Sheena’s only thinks of Matteo as a childhood friend. So when she dresses up as a veiled bride, it’s only to tell him his bride left. She never expected him to ask her to be his wife, and never would have anticipated she’d be foolish enough to say yes. Now it’s not just his fortune on the line, but also her heart.

Neither of them expected passion or growing attraction with a near stranger. Now they’re married and still barely know each other as they try to navigate rough waters, ex-boyfriends, old desires, bad habits, and worse assumptions.

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