I’ve been asked, what do you want for your birthday?

I want to finish the manuscript, I’m working on. Sell one. Write more. Get edits. So much. I have so many plans, and keep plugging through to the next one.

Coming soon, aka, this month, is Two Weeks in Miami… I’m so excited and happy to be working with Corvallis Press…

And woohoo, taxes done.

Do I miss my cat, Anakin? Yes. It’s harder than losing a person as he’s been there in my house, but I have things to accomplish soon.

So for my birthday, I hope for the intangibles that cannot be bought. There is so much I hope to get myself these days, and honestly, gift cards are the best gift.

In the meantime, if you love contemporary and Valentine’s Days, I have a short story I put up there to whet the appetite, click the pictures below.


Or if you love mythology and romance, Mything You is a great story. The sequel needs to be editted then sent out, but it’s coming attractions. For now, check this one out, available at most outlets. (Apple is giving me a hard time, but Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon are all okay.)