Game of Thrones Winter is Come

Okay I know in the last episode of season six, that winter has finally arrived and Jon and Sansa joked that father had always promised. We saw Arya was in Riverrun and we know Bran made it to the wall. So my biggest hope for the season isn’t that Daenerys Stormborn makes it to Westeros. I don’t care about her power quest. I want to see the Starks reunite. I want to see Arya finally make it home. I want to see Bran make it too. He has some info about Jon, aka the new King of the North, that he might need now that winter is here.

I also want to see Tyrion reunite with Jamie. Oh and is he technically still married to Sansa? I think so.

I get that Littlefinger is whispering into Sansa ear. I get that Cersei is going to be on a rampage as she has enemies from every corner, though I think her undoing will be from Jamie.

And it will be fun to see some dragons again, but really the reason this show still exists for me is that I’m Team Stark.

With that said, my predictions for the season are not based on ANY spoilers. I have read the books though so some of that comes into play.

I think Jon Snow is actually Jon Targaryen. I think he’s Leanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s legitimate son and that Leanna asked her brother Ned to lie and protect her son with her dying breath as she knew Robert would kill her baby. In the books Leanna is described exactly like Arya. Robert believed his Leanna must have been raped and would never run off on him. But we also know that Rhaegar was taken with her and that Leanna made her own mind up, and once she made up her mind nothing stopped her. And I think this will all be revealed this season.

I also think Cersei will last through this season. She’s really the only bad person left. The rest have already met their ends. She’s the human issue. Oh and speaking about baddies, the White Walkers should breach the wall.

I also think the season will end with the white walkers on a true march south, and Jon is going to be a busy king of the North.

I hope Jon unites with his aunt Daenerys against Cersei, but ultimately I’m firmly team Stark and these are my people.

Oh and I hope Arya continues on her list! And I want the Hound to take out the Mountain. I also hope Sansa doesn’t get jealous over her sister anymore.

Anyhow I’ll write more on this blog tomorrow after tonight’s show. I’m writing this with less than an hour to go!