Happy Easter I hope you enjoy eye candy as it’s way less calories

So I’ve been changing ALOT of book covers recently to ensure everything has a 2017 feel to it, including the House of Morgan, The Marshall Family Saga and Stormy Peril. I am waiting for Winter Peril’s new cover (next week) and I’m so excited to see what that looks like. Then I have to email it to KDP to get them to approve the new cover so I have no idea how long that will even be, but all my books are getting refreshed and series are continuing… Let’s start with the House of Morgan and my fun covers.
















Gorgeous at least to me, and I can already say Secret Wish rocked up the Amazon charts for some reason and it wasn’t even rocking this new cover yet. Hopefully Amazon updates all the covers but they say 72 hours so perhaps by Easter my present will be all my covers are updated on there.

Now let’s move onto the Marshall Family.









Boy these book covers make me so happy I revisited the series and wrote two more books. The last book in the ‘Friends’ meets Family Saga will be a fun Christmas tale.

Then there is the hottest one of all. If you don’t like hot, don’t look! Winter Peril will be getting a look like this one too. Eek. I’m so excited. And now people are warned that these two books are probably the hottest books I wrote despite the titles, though like all my books the romance comes first.