How did this web site come into existence as it is now

How did I afford this site?

So funny. I didn’t spent hundreds. I went for fun on my shoestring budget. How?

I am a new author and it took me forever to decide what I wanted.   I bought my name and an alias web domain years ago. That’s cheap. Go Daddy and I paid a few dollars there.That year I created a horrible 5 page site and it was messy. I kept adding and it looked a mess. I hated the web design on godaddy and didn’t wait the year to transfer my site to something else.

Author friends mentioned wordpress for years, and my ears were open. So I opened a free site, but that wasn’t clickable and easy to maneuver around with. Someone who typed in my name would never know it was free.  Transferring/Pointing the name to a free site is free on go daddy. I was okay with building my blog up there.

The problem with free is that no one can see the links. It’s not fixable the way I liked other pages. Those pages though are super expensive.  Now that I sold books coming out this year, I wanted something where people can click easy, and I had a recommended list of people who charge hundreds of dollars. This wasn’t affordable, and I’m not artistic for web design. However what I am good at is researching. I love looking up things and figuring out anything. It’s a challenge when the question is not easily googled on the first page.

Designers were expensive until fate stepped in. I had a review at and besides the awesome review I was in love with the design of that site. Colorful. Fun. I clicked on the designer’s site, who funny enough commented on my blog. It’s another pretty web site and good feelings.

So I contacted Livia, the designer.

Check out her prices. For about $50 I could get everything  I wanted. Something pretty and unique and affordable. Livia was awesome to work with and she listened to everything I wanted. The first design she did, I hated. Way too dark, urban and vampirey. Not me. Then we had to be specific. I wanted the four elements or the four primary colors, vector art, etc. She can play with stock art too, but I didn’t want that. The second time, she hit the header perfectly. Then we tackled the background. When she had everything on her end, she pointed out that free sites cannot have customization.

Problem. Not for long. This means getting a host. Traci Hall recently told me at the last FRW post meeting lunch, she was considering a new site (which she’s not done) and she’d call godaddy. Her voice popped into my head. I looked at the premium ones recommended and what other authors say on feeds about these things. But I’ve always like the customer service of godaddy. I set up my new site hosting using wordpress. The paid for godaddy ones are NICER. is on a new site as well. The old site is still up for anyone to see the differences. Huge difference and that site didn’t cost me anymore than the premium hosting on godaddy.

Now back to Livia and She had the unique design I wanted and paid for. After searching the nice ones, Livia’s already had my heart.

Go Daddy has wordpress if you buy a hosting package. And because I went from wordpress to wordpress, I kept everything I had online, export my free site info then import into my paid for custom option site. This is easy. Once the basic site with all the information was there, Livia added her awesome design.
I’m so happy now. was $100 between the design fee and the go daddy hosting. Next year I’ll just be paying godaddy, and Livia is I have any questions. She’s reasonable with questions in fees too, and I’m pretty savvy. I can figure things out.

Thought I’d share in case anyone else wants a site that’s eye catching while still looking to save money.

Livia even mentioned me on her site. She’s awesome people.