Dr. Oliver Bentley and Rachel Mira dated for ten years. However he wasn’t ready for marriage and she didn’t tell him that she was expecting. She loved him for years. However when he’s arrested for a crime she knows would never have happened as his family certainly wasn’t criminals, she goes to see him. When she finds out that he must marry to get out of prison, she volunteers. However this means she has to tell him that she’d just had his baby. And he’s not exactly thrilled.

However prison changed Ollie. He’s way more focused, determined and family oriented than ever before. Now they both have to adjust to adulthood and maturity and being a family together while trying to prove his family’s innocence.

So I hope you enjoy this second chances and secret baby romance!!!!

Irresistibly Tough

Irresistibly Tough

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Billionaire physician Oliver Bentley has everything to lose when federal agents raid his medical practice and haul he and his family members to jail on embezzling charges. Suddenly disconnected from his life, his many concern lies with his ailing mother and her medical care, or lack thereof, behind bars.

Rachel Mira has never had any reason to trust anyone, though the Bentley’s were great to her for the ten years she dated Oliver. However after witnessing another woman in his arms, she took off, never telling him she was pregnant. However when she sees he’s been arrested, she doesn’t believe any of it and in his innocence. But when she uncovers a plot where he must marry and divorce in 30 days, she steps in and agrees to marry Oliver. However she wasn’t prepared to come clean about his infant son, and he’s furious that she took their misunderstanding that far. However He needs someone to help him clear his name and keep his family fortune and Rachel has always been there for him.

Will her decision to marry the father of her infant son turn out to be the best or worst decision she’s ever made?