July was one crazy month for me. The projects that I signed up to join all hit in the summer.

First you have French Wanker which is my ode to Vi Kneeland and Penelope’s Ward book called British Bedmate. I connected Quentin to Simon as they had the same emotional pain. Simon was in the raft with Blake when he didn’t have a life vest and drown. So my character Quentin is Blake’s little brother and the reason the life vest wasn’t there was he’d brought it home instead of leaving it in the boat. So one death had a ripple effect on all the men. And my Quentin is quite brooding, so I hope you love him.

Second my Cinderella story released in the fairy tale anthology that was so much fun. I was like ‘I LOVE CINDERELLA’ and my worst review compares it to the Grimm Brothers which yes I did read. I honestly don’t think it’s that dark. No one’s sawing off their toes to fit a shoe. But writing a poor girl who falls for a prince… I’m so in. It’s my favorite fairy tale.

Third was what was supposed to be an Olympic Anthology to go along with watching the games. It’s also a bit of an ode to an uncle who played professional football and wrestled professionally. He found my mom and reconnected her to their mom and their family. (There was issues.) So when writing Emily and Stone’s tale there is a sense of realism in them that even my editors didn’t quite get. (Maybe that’s the darkness people sensed in Emily’s story.) However both books are fictional. (My dad is not a billionaire prince type though he’s a prince in his own way.) Stone’s story is a second chance with his first love romance. When he left town penniless and homeless, she didn’t tell him she was pregnant. Now he’s going for the gold and nothing is holding him back from his dreams. I hope you enjoy all these stories.

Next month I’ll be back with the Cocky MD, but for now… I hope you enjoy!


Why couldn’t a sexy Frenchman be the way to nurse a broken heart on a honeymoon for one? The question plagued me, and part of me figured he was just what the doctor ordered!

On the steps of the Eiffel tower, the hottest man I’d ever seen referred to himself as a wanker on the phone and a surge of heat grew inside me.

And why did British slang suddenly sound like a name in my fantasies?

When Mr. Wanker shows up on my train to Italy, we make a deal that he’ll take me to Monte Carlo and then we can continue onto Rome, together.

My lonely honeymoon for one is now heating up.

And the more time I spend with my Mr. Wanker, the stronger my fantasies of tossing everything and moving to Europe play out in vivid color in my mind.

Falling in love wasn’t supposed to be a part of this vacation. Reality always ruined fairy tales…

Two Step Sisters, check.

One Evil Step mother, check again.

Prince and a ball though… now that’s a silly fantasy, right?

Okay technically my family has been invited to a billionaire wedding. My cousin is having a three day affair.

My step-family now wants to claim Steel, my last name, as their family relationship. Sure my father had married my stepmother, but at best we pretend to be family.

Otherwise this summer is my last summer before college begins and I move out, forever. Scholarships are set.

What I didn’t expect was Edward Donovan. He’s everything I hate in a man, spoiled, rich, and believes the world should worship him.

So why is he asking me to dance?

And why is my heart racing.

This will never last though. Fairy tales never do.

Except my eyelids are fluttering closed and my heart races when he guides me in these dances. t might not be a happily ever after—but maybe being happy for even one night will sustain me.

Cinder of Ashes is a standalone regency romance and part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Series, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance retellings.

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The Summer Games may be postponed, but finding love is not…

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The Winning Bracket by Mignon Mykel
When the Olympics are cancelled, professional volleyball player Samantha Piper finds herself going home to Montana, but what she doesn’t expect is to fall—fast—for the former fiancé of her high school enemy. As they play alongside one another in the summer couple’s volleyball league, the stakes are high—each win has a fun, and eventually sexy, incentive. Can the final winning bracket include love?

Making the Leap by Aubree Valentine
From the outside she looks like a high-society princess. He’s no more than the family’s ranch hand. But that’s not the reason they’re bad for each other, nor is it the reason they’ve held back. Can they get past all the reasons why they couldn’t work out, and accept the real reason why they can?

Long Shot by Jennifer Bonds
Wes Kaplan is rich, entitled, and a total pain in my ass. Worse? He’s hot AF, persistent as hell, and totally off-limits. Because in a town where gossip spreads faster than pollen on the wind, the only thing worse than hooking up with your uptight boss’s son is falling for him.

Personal Foul by Brooke O’Brien
What will happen when the smooth-talking and irresistible basketball recruit sets his sights on the head coach’s daughter? The risks are high with the heat of their sexual tension mounting. Giving in to their desires is one personal foul neither of them can back down from.

Throw Like a Girl by Tina Gallagher
After knowing each other for years, Penny Montgomery and Kenny Hanover enjoyed a mild flirtation but didn’t move things beyond that. Besides the fact he’d been warned away by her overprotective big brother, she was only in town for a short visit before heading out to join the Olympic Softball Team, and Kenny wanted more than a fling. When the Olympics are canceled months later, Penny takes a well-deserved vacation at the beach and finds Kenny in town for a friend’s wedding. Still drawn to him, Penny wants to explore their attraction, she just needs to figure out how to convince him to do the same.

Double Contact by Christy Pastore
As a professional baseball player, women have never been a challenge. Until I met her. Brunette. Beautiful. Vivacious. Just as I’m ready to take my shot, my teammate jock blocks me. Turns out he saw her first. That was two years ago. As luck would have it, our paths crossed again, and this time, I don’t waste a second. I want my chance.

Fierce Fighter by Victoria Pinder
Stone Steel only has one shot to success. Wrestling. He’ll prove it in the Olympics that he’s the best. But he takes time off his training to go to his cousin’s wedding. He hadn’t expected Vanessa, his ex, to be a bridesmaid. Vanessa hopes to avoid Stone at the wedding. She never told him when he left town, she was pregnant. However weddings are intimate and Vanessa and Stone’s chemistry is off the charts. But if she tells him her secret, she’s worried he’ll never forgive her. Can she take a chance on him, this time?