Kindle Scout Winter Peril Campaign Results Part One

I decided to write half of this blog before I know and the other half after I know…. I started this last night.

Right now, the night that the voting closes on my book, I have no idea what will happen with Winter Peril. My mind is a complete whirlwind. First off, I am so thankful and happy that for 30 days this book stayed on the hot list. Friends, family and people I don’t know voted for this book. I’m so thrilled and happy. No matter what happens.

Now make no mistake I hope that winning Kindle Scout is in the cards for me. It’s why I decided to sign up for this. Amazon marketing to make money off this book would be an amazing windfall for me.

What doesn’t bother me much that much is that people will know at the same time I do. Friends and family will support me no matter what, and they are amazing. If I don’t know you, I think Amazon has a way of letting those that nominated me know if I put the book up. Do I want to do that? I don’t know. I have to think about this and make that choice IF that happens. Like I said my hopes are that this book gets picked up.

marketed the book as best I could. I asked people to vote. (If anyone want to know how, I am a total believer in postcards to hand to people. I think it works better than social media sometimes as it gives someone a memory token of our conversation. For this, I use

Now I am with the question ‘will the editors behind the scenes see value in my work and want to publish it.’ If this is true, that’s fine. Then this leads the whirlwind of my mind back to the point of why am I asking people like I did? It’s the circle of nerves that comes with ‘did I make the right decision?’

Basically on the last day of the voting, to sum up my emotional state, I’m a huge mess.

Part Two will come.


I still don’t know. It’s Friday morning.

The campaign for votes is officially over and I received the automatic ‘your book is now in review email.’ It says it can take a couple of days. So now it’s the wait time. My racking my brain to get votes is over. I went and voted as I promised to three more romance books as that is the genre I generally read and there were good books on the list.

I’m more at peace this morning, though I don’t know anything. I appreciate everyone who voted for me. I don’t know who voted or the count. I do know that it was hot everyday of the campaign. Most of the books don’t have that. So I am grateful. I’m also grateful for the opportunity.

I’m also much more reflective that this is all not in my hands. I did all I could do. Now it’s up to God, the universe or however you want to say it. Is this the path that is for me? Is it not? No matter what, I am happy that the support is there.

Okay now I’m going to work on those Electing Love edits. I need to get this book into shape so I love it. I will update the moment I know anything.