May’s book is on pre-order; I’m having a baby in less than 90 days

This week was surreal when I put Tempting James up for preorder on Amazon. (It’s been on preorder for all other platforms.) Why? Amazon only allows 90 day preorders. Tempting James is to come out May 15th. My real life due date for my baby is May 6th, which means this book launch also means it’s time to talk about how I’m going to be a mom of two. AHH!

So sorry you’re getting my freak out. Being a mom of one means you still get your own time sometimes because she’s busy with Sesame Street for an hour… She’s up to something so she’s fine and I get time. However with two in the house, I have no idea how my mom or siblings handled that. Course they don’t work from home or at least didn’t when they had young children. This is getting real and getting surreal fast.

Part of me is excited. Part of me is just scared out of my mind at how this all works with a newborn. For the writing itself I’m almost done with 2018 must be done. I have 4 more would like to be done for 2018 but I’m not going to push that. I’ll get started on 2019 catalog soon. But then how it works when baby arrives… now I’m just scared. I want to be the best mom for my children I can be.

Now being a full time mom and a full time author means I work from home. Honestly I need to up the book income because I want the best for my children, but I need to see to their every need too. My 19 month old is full of personality now which makes her just fun and sweet (the sweet part must be my husband’s genes.) I don’t want to miss out on either of my children, but at the same time I love being an author. It’s AMAZING to have people read your stories and write to say ‘I love your books.’

Anyhow all of this head drama is because I put Tempting James up for preorder…

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She’s on the run. He’s a distraction. They’re begging for trouble.

James Clancy made a promise, and he intends to keep it. But protecting his former Marine buddy’s sister proves to be more than he bargained for. He’s already been burned once. He’s not about to let that happen again.

The last thing Scarlett Hawke needs is a babysitter. What she needs is a husband, and a way out. When she meets James, she knows he oh-so-wrong for her, but resisting him might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do… until she discovers who he really is and just how dangerous that can be.

Will Scarlett let love happen or will it only make her complicated life worse?

Okay I have to go finish product creation aka my new story and write before the girl wakes up!