My newsletter decision

I polled my newsletter subscribers on which cover for Secret Crown they preferred. And honestly I was surprised but I’m absolutely listening to readers! As an author you get into author bubbles too much and what I like might not be what readers like and readers are usually RIGHT. So in a few days the vendors will stick to the original cover for my prince series. Vendors can take up to 72 hours to change a cover back. If you are not a member of my newsletter, you can sign up, get a free novella and hear from me. I love asking the audience questions as well.

My subscribers already helped me pick my 2018 plans as well and what they wanted me to write first. As I said my next few ideas are to me going to be fun, but I love stories about vengeance and restoring the family name.

In 2018 I hope to keep churning out as I do in 2017. Life is changing so for the next two weeks I’ll be moving to a whole new location across the United States, but then things should settle in once I get furniture again, including my favorite, kind of ugly but super comfortable recliner where the magic of closing my eyes to imagine my story happens.

So please sign up if you haven’t!