Nanowrimo, the lifeblood of a writer

For non-writers, Nanowrimo is national novel writing month, which takes place every November. There are usually writer events galore for people pumping out a manuscript in 30 days. I’ve successfully done Nano many times. It’s a good exercise.

For my readers, I’m writing a to be released in 2017 novel I’m hesitantly calling ‘Secret Deal’ which if you can tell from my faux title, it’s about the Morgan family. This time it’s one of the half-brothers. (From what you’ve read about Mitch Morgan, did you think the guy was faithful to his wife?) I’ve already rough draft done, Rafe and Elizabeth’s book which is slated for March 2017, (Slated means approximately.) The book I’m writing now is slated for June 2017. I have also noticed a pattern through out the years for me, My peek writing periods are usually summer and winter. In fall and spring are my down times. Does this mean the seasons affect my creativity? Strange. I live in Florida so that shouldn’t be.

Now for my writer friends who was the point of the article. I’m creating a course on marketing in 2017 but before you can market, you need a manuscript. If you are a writer and would be interested in my marketing course… step one: have a manuscript that’s fully edited. Use professionals. So before you can have an edited manuscript, you’ll need a novel. You can download now completely free my character guide below. This will also put you on my special writer list. So when the course is prepared on marketing, I’ll let you know. So get the guide now.