New covers are here for the House of Morgan plus a weekend sale announcement

Both of these covers for Secret Tryst are legit, but the one with the diamond is going to be the ebook edition and the print edition is slightly different though now similar in theme.

Amazon now take 72 hours to update covers at most. Sometimes they are faster but my last secret sale took them 72 hours to price change back to $3.99 that I expect the covers to be slow now too. (Unless of course Amazon didn’t want to end my last 99cent weekend sale for my subscribers because the book sold a lot more copies though in truth I make a lot of less money. I put it on sale for the fans to get into one of my bestselling books of last year.

Anyhow Secret Tryst hits the shelves THIS month so updating the covers for all became super important to me.

So I worked with a designer and initially we had heated discussions on how the covers should look like. The eternal switch to hot guys or stick to couples, but for this series so far, I wanted to stick to couples. We agreed to change the couple for Secret Bet slightly because everyone else had a standing position and the original couple didn’t have a matchy-matchy standing position. But I found a similar couple that was standing and Belle can go in a nice dress.

Then it was background design and we discussed the original look the series had and the issues of readability in the fonts, but we tried to keep that as much as possible too.

So once we ironed out all the questions and kinks, we finally had a working concept and figured everything out. Next week I’ll see the cover for Secret Date, Galen’s story of the year, and I ordered a

Secret cover that’s not been revealed at all. Caro and Luke need to get married and a Christmas novella just hit me hard. I hope I have time to write it this year!!! I know I want too. The only issue with that is pregnancy and I have no idea how to be a mom of a second baby… real life is getting REAL.

As for writing, I’m excited to report November’s book is well under way and the new series is already fueling me. In case you didn’t realize all my Miami books are related in some way.

The Marshalls are the Morgan’s cousins. The winter series people are all from Miami and my princesses are all from Miami as well which means people know each other and can bump into each other at all times. I know in Favorite Sin, Calliope’s wedding is ruined when Roxy walks into the ceremony and announces she’s

pregnant. Eva was keeping it quiet that she too was pregnant by the two timing groom. Eva and Matthew Morgan are filming a movie together in Favorite Scandal. Eva makes an appearance in Secret Tryst as a guest of the spa. 

However the crossovers don’t end there. Roxy is also a Hawke and she gets her own book with a better guy in Tempting Harry. And then Harrison Hughes’ sister is the current heroine of the book I’m working on now. When I get to people with similar jobs or someone who needs help, my world is already full of people. Rafe as a former Miami PD and John as former FBI are good characters that can pop up in other stories. Doctor Bentley has been mentioned a few times as an OB-GYN and his story is coming soon. So one never knows who shows up, which is the fun part of writing in the same world  and same location.

Last two thing I need to mention in this LONG blog is my Secret Tryst Giveaway… please help me spread the news about Secret Tryst and you can win a Kindle Fire this month! I also have a House of Morgan Jewelry giveaway because I really want new readers to fall in love with this series so if you can enter both of these to win or just help me out, I’d appreciate your time!

Secret Tryst and

The House of Morgan

And finally I promised you a sale! For this weekend, Favorite Coffee, Favorite Mistake is on sale on Amazon only for 99cents.

While this doesn’t seem related to the Morgans, I did say the

Marshalls are the cousins of the Morgans and Sandra Marshall’s wedding shop is being bought out by cousin Victoria to make room for the House of Morgan designs, so there are connections though Sandra herself is not a Morgan. Her parents were also tough though not as bad as Mitch is downplaying the issues because honestly no one is as bad to his children as Mitch was. However there are levels and no parent should mess with their child’s lives. Sandra’s parents didn’t approve of Wyatt but they certainly have cause to be concerned. Wyatt messed up the relationship on his own by being too much of a nice guy, but that’s all I’ll say.

I had so much fun writing the Morgans and the Marshalls which helped me realize that I could write in one world with single title books.  As a reader I LOVED when other characters appeared that I knew about in someone else’s book.  Please check out this

weekend’s sale Favorite Coffee, Favorite Mistake