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Georgie’s son is six and he wants to go to a baseball game. She hasn’t gone since she was a girl herself but that’s fine.

She’s excited, until she sees Michael, her son’s natural father is a player on the field.

She had no idea! She’s not prepared to see him again or deal with the heart ache. She’d been the one to check out of the hotel but she never thought in a million years he’d want to see her again.

His nearness is making her wish she wasn’t so responsible, all the time.

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Baseball games are supposed to be fun, right? I got tickets to bring my son.

Popcorn, soda and an easy day in the sun, but then I saw him.

But Surprise! There’s Michael. His last name is Irons. He plays major leagues and he’s the father of my son.

Every instinct told me to take our boy and run. I hadn’t known his name or how to get in touch with him the past six years.

Now not only does he see me in the stand, it takes him a glance at my boy and he knows the truth.

It was like fate brought us to this point, but he climbed into the fan benches to talk and flirt.

I told myself it was just about our son, but alone, our conversations are getting heated.

I didn’t expect our magical memory would be burned in his brain.

Or he’d want me again.

All I wanted was a quiet life to raise my son.

Ball players are dangerous. But what happens when the season ends? Let me tell you the truth… I never expected what actually happened.