No News just self reflection

I’m back at work editing Electing Love. I’m happy that starting this week there is time. As for the Kindle Scout nomination for Winter Peril… no news. It takes a couple days.

So today’s blog is for anyone like me. I suffer from ‘Get it done now’ issues. I rush. I’m fast. Sometimes I’m too fast. I know this about myself. It’s why I had to learn to meditate. I shouldn’t go so fast. Things that are good can take time. My soul know the old rule that ‘good things come to those who wait.’ However my brain seems to want to rush. Then when there is no answer, impatience and giving up are part of my lack of balance. So this is the moment where I need to slow down, remember that everything is fine, nothing changes.  Things are in the path or not in the path. I might win the powerball tonight. (I did buy a ticket so anything is possible.)

So today’s post is about what to do when you know in your heart to work on patience, but your head wants to rush and be done, right now…

What I do is work on other things. I met with my critique group and they gave me pointers on that young adult I’m writing (well first draft is done.) I received a critique for a free story I’m giving away to one of my Florida Romance chapters as a fund raiser so I worked on that. And I’m working on the edits. To stay on task, I make up my own fake covers to inspire me.  (And no I don’t use my own work for covers and hire professionals… so don’t judge these mock ups as real.)

cover1 This is about Eric Collins, who almost married Stephanie in Borrowing the Doctor, and then ran off to join the marines. What you don’t know is that Stephanie almost ruined his own true love as she made a fool of him. Once he gets his head on straight, he returns home to find Natalie.

Then there is the one I have hopes for that I need to go back and work on… secretcrush

Alice has been in love all her life, not that John ever noticed her, until now. This was a fun story. Once I finish with editing Electing Love, I will work on this one again to make it shine.

Then of course there is the Young Adult I’m working on. It doesn’t have a working title, not really. These two mock ups are are about the same book. pretendnewcoverbookcover4

So what is this post saying about waiting. All things come to those who wait. Winter Peril will have a life in some way. I’ll figure out how I want to handle it next. It even has a sequel that is also written.

So the muses with the whole writing thing don’t go away no matter any answers. I’m as always working on that patience virtue.

Hope everyone has an amazing Saturday. I’ll get back to work now. Virtual hugs.