Secret Date and Series Redesign

It’s no secret that this series has gone through multiple redesigns. The stories are pieces of my heart that I just love sharing and this family is quite dramatic. The Morgans are great but the packaging for these books has been a struggle since the stories started. So I approached someone who understands covers and marketing and really asked for what’s marketing as amazing right now and I love Rebecca Hamilton’s keen eyes.

As for Rebecca Hamilton, I’m going to recommend her marketing classes and services that she offers. There is no magic pill when it comes to marketing and I control every aspect of everything I do. All the choices are mine to make. But I know I need reminders of what I should be doing and Rebecca Hamilton has never been more than clear with me and I see no black hat tricks going on with her services. I keep my nose clean from all drama and don’t engage, though I am keen on learning everything I can. She’s never said anything to me that wasn’t above board and I don’t judge people based on what I read on the internet. If you want to check out her services, she has a Facebook group and also runs author services through her website and business. I recommend the facebook group though and I’ve taken many of her classes on writing and on marketing because the two go hand in hand! And if you’re nervous about anything, don’t do it. Judge for yourself because from what I see, she’s a good teacher. There is no magic that will launch any book. The work is your own to do. But again you’re accountable for what you do and you run your author business in the way you do.

Personally I love the new look of my book and can’t wait to get to the series redone. She also has an eye for what’s hot in market right now and so when I wanted a series redesign that is on market, I went to someone who has an eye when I don’t. Part of marketing is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. And one of my weaknesses is covers. If I take the time to learn graphics, I write less words. So for this, I want to hire someone with the skills I lack.

And check out my new pretty cover!!!

Secret Date:

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Natalie Parker pretended to be old and ugly at work until one trip to the doctor meant she might be pregnant.
Galen Morgan doesn’t need a wife. He’s already tried that route, and it didn’t work. By day, he’s a cool, calm, confident real estate developer who is raking in billions of dollars. By night, he dates bad girls to keep his loneliness at bay. But when he hooks up with a bad girl at his brother’s wedding, he finds himself at the center of a situation he never imagined possible.

Natalie Parker is just trying to keep her job. If that means she has to disguise herself to keep a roof over her head, then that’s what she’ll do. But when she runs into her boss in the unlikeliest of places—the gynecologist’s office—she’s forced to confess her secret and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, fate isn’t done with her quite yet. There’s another surprise coming down the pike, one where she might end up being pregnant even though she’s never touched anyone in the House of Morgan. And this time, secrets could change everything, including her relationship with her boss.

Will Galen and Natalie’s shared mishap lead them to love or more trouble for the both of them?

This story is Jane the Virgin meets the family drama only found in the House of Morgan.