Secret Tryst is out and I’m so excited!

I am so excited that Secret Tryst releases this week! Part of me is saying FINALLY. Part of me is tied up in knots as I usually am every month there is a new release. This book was just so much fun to write as the characters really meshed well, except when they wanted nothing to do with each other.

Serenity had it hard. Her parents never really paid attention to her. Her sister was the apple of their eyes. And boy has her family fallen. Serenity’s sister is in jail; Serenity’s father is in jail. And Serenity’s mom is in the hospital.

Damien Morgan avoids good girls at all costs. He never would have gone near Serenity despite his initial attraction to Serenity but fate brings them together.

One night together changes everything and I really enjoyed writing this book so I hope readers love it too!

When the one you’re supposed to hate turns out to be the only one you crave…

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Damien Morgan learned a long time ago that love was just a figment of someone’s warped imagination and good girls simply didn’t exist because women were master manipulators. Nonetheless, he’s happy to wish his brother well when he decides to take the plunge.

Serenity Hanscom is shocked that she’s been invited to the wedding a year after her sister played matchmaker for the groom and had an active role in a plot to murder his sister-in-law. Despite the rather unusual circumstances, Serenity accepts the invitation because it’s an opportunity to mingle with Miami’s elites. But the second she catches sight of Damien, she’s reminded of the horrible events that led to her father’s imprisonment, all because of him. Determined to ignore him, as the evening goes by, she finds herself drawn to him more and more.

Will their plan to stay clear of love backfire on them and instead become the first step to an unexpected happily-ever-after?

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