So I was shopping and saw blackberries were on sale. I was like ‘perfect’ as i find so many people forget we can cook with berries. And friends my age like to say ‘I hate cooking’ when I don’t mind it. So I’m creating my own recipe today like I often do. I can update this after we eat.

But here is what I did.

1 large chicken breast sliced (we don’t eat that much… if there were more people I’d do two or more)

Olive Oil to get the pan hot.

teaspoon of thyme

1/2 teaspoon of turmeric (so good for you; I add it to alot of my food. Too much will turn your food yellow so use sparingly)

teaspoon of rosemary

tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

1 lime for the juice (if I had lemon I’d have used that so that doesn’t matter)

1 package of blackberries

2 cups of water

For the chicken, I wait till the pan is hot with the olive oil.

Add the chicken and let them cook for a little. Cook till the chicken is white at least so you know it’s cooked without burning. Add the spices, balsamic vinegar, lime/lemon, and then add blackberries and last water.

I’m going to leave this on the stove on low cook for two hours but if I expected my family to be together sooner, I’d let my mixture cook on high.

3 cups of white rice washed. Make it plain. I use a pot, add water till my finger has double the water to the rice, and add olive oil and let it cook. You don’t need to let that cook the same amount of time. I’d do low to medium (in the middle) and cook half the time of the chicken.)

Once it’s time to eat, add juice of chicken, chicken and whatever else you want on top fo the chicken.

Voila dinner is served. And I used ingredients that were on sale.