So I’m busy writing my Christmas story I love writing but had to wait till now to write. So this will be December’s book. I love writing a Christmas book a year, but usually I’m releasing next month so it’s already done. But with the stress of moving, finding a preschool for my now three year old, buying a house, living in a hotel for a week to buy said house… everything was just ‘wow’ and hit me all at once.

But I will get it done and then start really getting down to business on 2020, finally.

And you’re absolutely invited where I’ll be wearing my party hat to my facebook event on Friday. https://www.facebook.com/events/ical/upcoming/?uid=812425466&key=AQBUwxToSavpaUEB This is for my new release with a publisher so i don’t have control over where they publish but I’m super excited. Writing this was just so much fun. I want to write more just fun stories in the future!

And now for my funny/tragic/well still funny real life story. So Friday was my daughter’s first day of preschool. I’m overwhelmed. She’d never been out of my sight since the day she was born. Emotionally I’m not good. Now she’s fine and like ‘bye.’ So I know logically she’s fine. But I’m a wreck. So I headed to the nearest Starbucks because it’s pumpkin spice season. And that’s my favorite drink of the year in there. So off I go. I’m so excited. The nearest Starbucks has tons of people in the car line but it seems no one’s parked. So I unpacked the one year old and we head inside. I need this drink. Yeah. I’m behind a customer from Albania. I know she’s from Albania as the cashier asks her where she’s from, if it’s beautiful there, and that she wants to go as the cashier has never left Pittsburgh. (Cashier is maybe 18.) I’m holding my one year old and thinking ‘go kid, see the world.’ Finally it’s my turn. I order my drink. Then we sit as I’m holding a technically 16 month child on my hip. She’s asking for her sister. I am telling her she’s in school and I think she wants to go be with her sister but she can’t speak.

Now they called my name first. Yeah. I maneuver picking up my child and head to the counter for my drink. As I’m reaching to pick it up, the lady at counter calls out the Albanian woman’s name and everything went slow motion. I’m reaching… she missed putting it down and the frappachino the lady order started spinning in the air. As it crashes on the counter the liquid flies everywhere. It’s on me. It’s in my hair. It’s on my toddler’s clothes and her bald head. And to top it off the Albanian lady is screaming that her order is wrong. The workers are apologizing to her. And I interjected with the ‘can I have a napkin?’ and she points me around the corner. So such more this fun morning. Eek. Luckily I can wash my hair that evening and my drink tasted well.

But at my virtual book release party no drinks will fly in the air. No one will be screaming over you that their drink is wrong as it lands on someone else’s head. So come on over and hang out for a few hours on Friday. You can wear your pajamas if you want as you aren’t leaving your house.