Tempting Gabe and the Hawke family series

The official blurb will be worked on this weekend, so stay tuned to see the final word choices.

But I’m so excited to introduce my newest series! The Hawke Fortune is going to be a 5 book series and I’m already penning the end of book 4 so now i feel I can talk about them.

You can find Tempting at all retailers already. Gabe was in the marines with Belle and Colt from the Morgan series; in fact you met a few of these men in the series, at the bar Belle went to in Secret Bet before she flew off to meet Peter. These all started off with the idea that these men all served in the same Marine unit. Gabe Hawke is a computer tech genius and the reason Belle and Colt were attacked in the desert. People wanted his computer tech that he created.

The bad guy you meet in this book though, Maddox Murdock, joined forces with the enemy to get Gabe’s tech. So when Gabe’s parents are attacked, the heroine of the story, Megan Murdock, knocks on his door and tells him who was truly after him and his family.

Neither one of them thought that love might bloom from families that hate each other.

Anyhow I’m excited this book will be coming out in July and soon the 5 book series will be available. Tempting James, Tempting Conner, Tempting Harry and Tempting Navid will finish the set off and I have all the covers. I hope you enjoy these hot former marines and the Hawke Family. (Gabe has a few sisters who might fall for his best friends from the marines.)

So what do you think about my covers? I love THEM!