Tempting Gabe is out

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I’m so excited that Tempting Gabe is out this week. The reviews have been great so far and I’m grateful. This was my venture into Enemies to Lovers. Gabe has no idea who tried to kill his parents or who is after his family until Megan reveals it’s her brother. However she wants to make a deal. So he now has to choose between vengeance for his family AND protecting everyone else.

Megan had no idea what her brother had done until she marched into his house to get her mother’s necklace. Once there and she saw evidence, she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to her brother to be shot or hurt. He’s not mentally well. So she chooses to turn him in but goes to Gabe to make a deal that he will agree to jail time for her brother if she lets him know first what happened.

They strike their bargain and had no idea that forces would bring them together. It’s out now! I hope you enjoy

(Oh and I was caught that this wasn’t up on my blog from Barbara Vey so I’ve been #Veyed.

Have an amazing day!