Tempting Harry New Release

This book is now out and I’m so excited for a few reasons. The book is connected to stories of the past and stories yet to come.

Harrison Hughes is a Constitutional attorney. His parents were lawyers. He was groomed to be a lawyer and take over the family business. However since his parents death last year, his fiancee leaving him, and his sister taking off to ‘find herself’ he’s been on his own. So when his former Marine buddy needs someone to guard his parents, Harry agrees. And the Hawkes take him as one of their own and invite him to Christmas. He stays in Miami for the party out of respect but he didn’t expect to meet Roxy Hawke, their cousin.

Roxy wasn’t looking for romance. She’s been through a lot. She broke up someone else’s wedding thinking she was in love. But then she lost the baby she was having and the guy turned out that he was just using her. So she’s sworn off romance but no one lets her forget what she’d done. So when she meets Harry, she’s not looking for romance, but the two of them team up at the holidays and romance is the lynchpin that keeps their lives together.

Roxy first appeared in Favorite Coffee, Favorite Sin when she broke up the wedding. Harry is a needed lawyer for my upcoming brothers-in-revenge stories.

So you can get a stand alone romance and meet some great characters and reset a few old characters along the way. You can get your copy at any store you wish!

Tempting Harry

Tempting Harry:

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He’s a constitutional lawyer with a burgeoning career, but no matter how many accolades he receives, Harrison Hughes will always be alone. His parents are long-dead. His love life is nonexistent. Any hope of belonging to something bigger than his grief is dashed until his ploy to be the person people expect him to be inadvertently leads him to the love of his life, but like him, she’s lost.

Six months ago, Roxanne suffered a horrific loss, and no one will let her forget it. As the Christmas holiday approaches, she’s determined to lay low and get through the holiday unscathed, but when she meets Harry, her plans suddenly change. Could their chance meeting lead them in a better direction or will their broken hearts and spirits prevent them from finding their happily-ever-after?