The House of Morgan 1-3 On Sale and a new cover

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Long time readers know that next week Secret Tryst releases. I’m so excited! I love Damien and Serenity’s story. It was such fun to write about this family and all the House of Morgan.

So this week I put the first three books in the series on sales for a low price of 99¢ in case anyone’s not read the series and wants to start before the next saga releases. I also updated the cover and blurb for Secret Date which is the next book in the series and due out later in the year. (It’s available to preorder everywhere but Amazon.)

But if someone hasn’t started the series then they don’t know about

this family and all their drama that really begins at a funeral. John, Victoria and Peter all survived first hand their father, but then so did all their siblings. But with faking her own death Victoria tried to break free after she thought she lost her daughter. John suspects his father killed his sister, Victoria andjoined the FBI to prove it. And as the oldest Peter spent years of his life trying to take the brunt of their father’s cruelty on himself to protect his siblings after their mother died, and Peter always thought their father had something to do with that too. So all three might be billionaires but their lives were never sane or calm. Luckily they all find true love and family and honor within themselves to really change.

I loved writing these books and I love going back to the House of Morgan to see what happens next. I’m already plotting the next one in my head. Anyhow I hope you enjoy the new covers as much as I do!