So I was so excited that Treasured came out. I wrote Mary Steel’s book as part of Corrine Michael’s Salvation Society as I just saw this Navy Seal character that looks like the Rock but has a heart of gold.

Mary first appeared in Ruthless Financier as one of Indigo’s cousins who runs the women’s shelter she runs for the family. I kept wondering what man might be for her. Her brother doesn’t have a book yet but I’m thinking Joseph might be fun to write as well.

Anyhow I hope you check out Treasured as I wrote the book to match the name. Mary’s one wish is to be treated like someone special. She’s not really looking for love as she’d had a horrible experience in the past with her ex.

Dwayne leaves the Navy Seals and the moment they meet, he knows she’s the one for him.

So I hope you go and grab this book now.


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VWhNeN

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