For week one these were the overwhelming winners so far. If you missed last week’s vote, you can find the old covers and vote for your favorite in the old blog, https://victoriapinder.com/help-me-decide-what-to-write-in-2020-part-1/





Now for week 2 I think I liked more of these covers I came up with and I’m hoping you can vote again here: https://forms.gle/QHUMzipsqUkJ5711A Once I have the big 4 winners I’ll ask one more time what everyone wants me to write more. It’s going to be fun. So check out these prompts I made for myself and let me know your favorite!

Also don’t think my blog cover is the one I like the best. I like them all. I’m attracted to red as my color is all. And your opinion matters. I’m not sure what fun side project I want to start so I’m asking for you to tell me. Which of the next 7 is your favorite? Log your vote: