When I go quiet I’m plotting

This blog was due yesterday. I was preparing the file for Secret Bet to be finalized. I was also caring for my daughter and living life. But the truth of the matter was I’m plotting my next Morgan book.

These characters starting popping in my head and one of them is Damien. He’s one of the half brothers as his mother was having a long term affair with good old Mitch Morgan. Mitch left his half children plenty of money too. Now at first the general idea was ‘let’s write a story where the characters are stranded.’ I wrote out a very short outline for how a stranded book would look like. Once that was done, I thought ‘perfect, I can write this.’

However I wrote the first chapter in Serenity’s POV, she’s the heroine. Then i wrote the chapter for Damien’s POV. When I plotted that stranded idea above, I had no idea that they had a shared history and had every reason i the world to hate each other. I also realized that these two were not the types to fall off a ship and get stuck on an island together. With their explosive history, it was better that they had homes to retreat to but they needed motivation to stick around in each other’s orbit. Neither would want to spend time together willingly unless there was something they needed.

So once the characters let me know their situations, the plotting had to return. This is why I always figure out my characters first and then figure out the plot. Also Serenity and Damien’s story came to me faster than figuring out Matthew Morgan aka Matt Kilroy, international rock star who found out he was a Morgan’s love interest. So Matthew will be later and right now I am working with Damien and Serenity. For those who read Secret Crush, you might have met Serenity Hansom… her little sister was Serena and she did rather horrible things.

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