Arman wasn’t supposed to be the one.

I dumped him when we were 17 and married a man my parents picked for me.


Either way it’s the past, and now I have a daughter and finally left my ex.

On my way home to the beach, I didn’t expect to run into Arman, the nicest and sweetest man I’d ever met.

♥ He’s hotter than ever.

★ And a trillionaire.

And I am not looking for a relationship even from the one man’s kiss that still burned in me.

I don’t get what he still sees in me.

I’m a mess, but you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

Honestly I debated, slept on it, deleted, recreated, and absolutely stressed how this new series of books might be.

I intended to start showing off my new covers much sooner, but the look was important to me. 

And I wasn’t sure how I wanted to look at first. The story took me four months in 2020 to write. At first I was paralyzed with writing. I wasn’t sure what to do. I lost the spark of why I write and this book helped me bring it back. I decided to just let myself start new, clean out my mind and let my imagine wonder. It still went to romance. I love writing two people falling in love, but I rewrote a whole series of a family. 12 brothers… 12 stories that make me personally swoon and I hope you too. 

I even considered a couple-less cover. These two characters helped me rediscover my love for writing and so I set up a small giveaway. Let me know what you think of my couple…