Cruise Conference that I won’t miss

Every oth10980724_10153153430522783_5782795506561516621_ner year my local romance writer chapter goes on a cruise conference. When I was single, no husband I went. When I married my husband, I brought him along. Now that I’m a mom, I’m trying to juggle the logistics of the cruise conference. I paid for the cruise before my baby girl was born so I’d force myself to go and not back out. Where else can I dine with people like Julia Quinn? (Did I ever
blog about my teenage years when I emailed Julia Quinn about her book Everything and the Moon, a rare book where I Victoria though she called her Tori gets to be the heroine and we’re not listed as the bad girl/independent girl that messes up the story for someone sweet. She wrote me back and I saved that EMAIL for years. One of my favorite authors took the time to write to teenage me. I was thrilled! So to meet and have dinner with her years later… absolute dream come true.) The time before that I hung out with Charlaine Harris who was also super cool, and I’m hoping Elizabeth Hoyt is fun and ventures out of her cabin.

My mother has volunteered to babysit for the 4 days we’re gone. Part of me wants to take my daughter and part of me wants her to stay home. I am unsure what I’m going to do right now, but 10994221_10153153429402783_8033485350229491226_nI’m going. I did learn though that a 6 month old baby on a closed circuit cruise who won’t eat any of the food or use any of the entertainment must still pay a passenger fair. So on airlines and if I take her to Disney for photos this Christmas, no worries… she’s free. But on Royal, she costs the same to go as my own fare ticket. The only exception to this is ‘if there is a sale.’
Why do I even care? If you are looking for a vacation, cruises are AWESOME. It’s a way to unwind. With the Florida Romance Writers cruise, I also get to hang out with some pretty awesome writers so it’s a double treat for me. And honestly cruises sound expensive from the initial price, but what you get out of it makes it one of the
most affordable vacations you can do. You get feed nonstop. There is always something to do and you have no worries while you sale. It’s better than flying somewhere, thinking I have a good deal, then paying the hotel and then always 11002606_10153153429767783_6262120913225431177_npaying for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Cruises are the best value for the money. I love them, even if they want to charge my future 6 month old a full fare.

If you are a writer or a reader looking to meet up with writers and are looking for a relaxed conference, check out and make contact. I’d love to meet you.