Favorite Scandal is out

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I’m so excited my next book in the Favorite Coffee series is out and since it’s a Christmas stories, all the old characters appear and meet in their favorite coffee shop to celebrate the holidays.

Brandon gets invited because his sister is engaged to Michael. Eva’s always been part of the group of friends, but she’s always been the foster kid who pretended her way in life.

This Christmas Eva has to face facts. She’s pregnant with a horrible man’s child, but she intends to start a new life. Her acting in plays is washed up due to her expanding waist size, and she’s intent to begin again.

However Hollywood producer Brandon knocks on her door. He might not have been the cool kid for her to befriend in high school, but he remembered Eva. He also knows Eva’s pregnant and with whose child. He wants to hire her for his movie and launch her film career and hire her as his pretend date this Christmas.

Neither one of them expected to fall for the other or a Christmas miracle. Now as the season continues and Christmas is coming, both find out that they are exactly what they need.

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