Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is March 8th and honestly as an American woman I didn’t know what this was about much, but I’ve always been from Boston and decidedly more open. I also love history! I taught it as my job for over a decade and even before that, I went to law school because I really always loved history.

So I do know the story of American women and the struggles, though I can’t add any #MeToo stories unless you count unwanted attention. But that I’ve always just swatted off and it’s thanks to my wonderful female friends that I’ve always had. The only time in my life I wasn’t surrounded by women was the 3 years in law school which were honestly the hardest 3 years of my life. Friendship is important to me and I worked in female dominated fields. I still work in female dominated fields. Romance readers can be men, but they are mostly women. Romance writers can be men, but they are mostly women. And I’m a mom of a daughter with another one about to be born, so yes having women around just makes the world a better place (at least in my experience.)

So I was thinking about this. How do I contribute to Women’s Day this year? I hope my old coworkers of history finally listened and watched Iron Jawed Angels because that movie really shows how women did not get the right to vote very easily from Wilson. But I don’t work as a teacher anymore. I work as a romance writer and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I do. Spreading the message of hope is just an awesome thing to share.

So I asked myself what 3 female characters are my most strong, but likable characters and how would they celebrate Women’s Day.

1: Serenity Hanscom: Her father is a thief. Her sister is in jail for attempted murder. Her mother is in the hospital. But Serenity has such a strong sense of responsibility. She’s not ignoring her family troubles. She’s blossoming in her business. For women’s day, she’d probably have some sort of sale at her spa that are growing world wide and she’s totally strong and independent, though she has her best friend working with her to make it easier. She’s honestly the type of woman I like to be friends with because she’s hard working, honest, and open.

When the one you’re supposed to hate turns out to be the only one you crave…

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Damien Morgan learned a long time ago that love was just a figment of someone’s warped imagination and good girls simply didn’t exist because women were master manipulators. Nonetheless, he’s happy to wish his brother well when he decides to take the plunge.

Serenity Hanscom is shocked that she’s been invited to the wedding a year after her sister played matchmaker for the groom and had an active role in a plot to murder his sister-in-law. Despite the rather unusual circumstances, Serenity accepts the invitation because it’s an opportunity to mingle with Miami’s elites. But the second she catches sight of Damien, she’s reminded of the horrible events that led to her father’s imprisonment, all because of him. Determined to ignore him, as the evening goes by, she finds herself drawn to him more and more.

Will their plan to stay clear of love backfire on them and instead become the first step to an unexpected happily-ever-after?

2: Cassidy Bright: (Coming out next month.) Her father is a gambler. Her mother is a shopper. Her sister is immature and thinks the world revolves around her. And Cassidy is paying for everything. She works in the royal castle and has such a strong sense of hope that she created a computer program to help others find their true love. But when it’s her turn to find true love, she can’t believe it would ever be with Remington. He can have any woman he wants and they’ve known each other since they were in diapers. She has to believe that for her that her own program knew too much about her and took in her crush when she was 12 as extra data. However as Remington needs a wife and his grandmother made marrying him her dying wish, Cassidy is willing to try to see this through.

Forbidden Earl:

The Matchmaker gets Matched. This is a modern day Jane Austen’s Emma who uses her computer skills to help others find true love.

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Cassidy Bright is infamous in Avce for her ability to help others find love. Her algorithm has never failed. Behind the scenes, though, know one knows who she based her program on, and she’d like to keep it that way. But when her muse requests her services, she’s not so inclined to oblige.

Remington Burke IV, the Earl of Sky, has everything he wants, except a wife. At the urging of his ailing grandmother, he seeks out help from the only person he knows can help him – Cassidy. Marriage is almost guaranteed, but she’s reluctant to let him see his match. The longer they squabble about it, the more attracted to her he becomes.

Could the woman of his dreams be the geeky girl with the magical algorithm or has desperation clouded his judgment?

And then 3: I’m going with Eva Bishop. Sure she was kind of the bad girl in the first books in the series though she was friends and remained friends with all of them. She made horrible choices in her  dating life. She’s survived far more in her life that more women faced than should have, and sometimes she’s well opinionated and shares her unwanted opinions. But she has a heart that never shattered entirely. She still cares about everyone and her need for money is often rooted in her desire to help others, even though she has nothing for herself. I love her spirit. She never gives up that life will be better. So she rounds out my top three women today.

Favorite Scandal:

One Bad Girl. One overly responsible man. And one temporary lie around Christmas that brings them together ignites a firestorm of change where romance blooms.

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Favorite Scandal

Brandon Campbell needs two things in life: to prove he’s over his ex and to hire an actress for a hometown project. When he finds the perfect woman for the role, things couldn’t be better. She needs money to support her and her soon-to-be born baby and he needs to fill that role yesterday.

After Eva Bishop’s last Broadway play flopped, she spent her last dime to make sure all her debts were paid before her baby is born. Now, it’s time for a major change, and what better way to start than by accepting a role from a hot Hollywood producer, even if he also happens to be a guy from high school who knows all her lifelong-secrets.

With the holidays just around the corner and a baby on the way, will their collaboration help them heal from old wounds and find love or will it turn out to be another horrible decision for both?