Let met start this blog by stating in my family, I’m the total slacker. I see my little sister and I know I am definitely not doing nearly enough. Besides growing up she was the certified genius of the family, as an adult she has six children already, a full time job where she still seeks out advancement and recently earned herself a major promotion, she’s getting another masters and she serves on her school committee as an elected leader. There is nothing that stands in her way when she wants something. (Now I write books, never took any tests for genius levels to be certified, and I’m generally happy… But my sister is the amazing one today.)

My sister Sabrina first adopted her two boys years ago but you’d never guess and she hates to even mention that because they are her boys and she’s their mom. She had 4 natural girls, the younger girls in the picture above. So she’s already had experience blending her family. And you’d never know the boys were adopted as they all work together, whether it’s cleaning the house to do the chores or having an at home dance party where everyone takes turns as DJ.

All of this is background information. For Christmas she opened her home to take in an orphan for the holidays. She signed up to get a boy. At the last second everything fell apart and instead she took this Ukrainian orphan 13 year old girl. (The blonde girl.) Now this is where I’m going to ask for your help. We can’t change the world but we can help one person, and in this case it’s this girl.

After spending Christmas with her, they wanted to keep her forever. However international adoption is different than US adoption. And way more expensive. She hadn’t known this girl, but once she stayed in her house, she wants her to stay forever. This teenager’s parents were murdered. She lives in an orphanage. If she’s not adopted out soon she’s sent to a work camp and most of the orphan girls lives end horribly. My sister wants to bring this girl to Boston, send her to high school and be there for her. As you can see in the picture above, her daughters already want her there. (The boys want her there too, though they are not in the girly pink picture.)

The Ukrainian government doesn’t care if you want a teenager or an infant. The price is the same. The Ukrainian government wants $20,000 dollars for one of their children. So what’s stopping this girl from being with a family that wants to keep her is money. If you can give anything at all to help, it will speed up the process to get her out of the orphanage.

And the money is tax deductible as it’s all going to a company that specializes in foreign adoption costs… no money goes into anyone’s hands at all this way. So if you can help, please do… https://www.purecharity.com/importing-irina?fbclid=IwAR2WGSMlW8nyvmG9JFkjLepDre6dXPw-5qjgEH8mhgKoNKL2gTjdTlB2wfA